Jul. 6th, 2011

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I won't give you the context of this because laws were being gently bent:

So, my dear [livejournal.com profile] raelala has personalized ring tones for those of us who are worthy and shockingly I merit my very own. As we both love Dexter, I do my best Doakes impersonation and it's basically me going Surprise motherfucka!

It would have been fitting for the sudden call I needed to make to her during a bit of a situation however [livejournal.com profile] ignited had to make the call but don't worry, it also worked since hers is a Beatles song wherein all Stef says is bang bang shoot shoot.

So appropriate but damn, I really wish I'd made the call. Surprise Doakes is all we need. Fuck love.


Yesterday there was watching of Pride & Prejudice, excellent company, and a rather relaxing night.

Tonight I will beer myself the strength to finally watch the first two episodes of True Blood S4. I am allowed to make pointless rants about my irritation with the show should I feel that way after watching the eps.


Musing while watching concert videos:

If, during a live performance, the singer is clearly doing an arrangement not at all similar to the studio recording that you, the audience member, is familiar with then perhaps you ought to stop singing along.

Not every damn song is an invite for a sing-along. When you drown out a special guest singer during his or her part because OMG YOU TOTALLY KNOW ALL THE WORDS you're kind of being a jerk. When the singer ASKS you to be quiet, please listen to his or her request.

You can't sing while recording. You can't. Your mouth is the closest thing to the damn recording device you're holding and it is unpleasant to hear off-key screeching during a slow song.

I long for 21+ shows because so many woefully lack concert etiquette and with age, comes alcohol.


Remember how I'm judgy? Yep.


The next two months are my least favorite part of summer. Can't it be 70 degrees again?

Yet I keep dressing in expectation of my office being freezing. It isn't and now I am woefully overdressed. No me gusta.


This is a post of asterisks.


Pretty sure my iPod Nano (second generation) is dying. I charge it, it seems okay, turn it on, listen it it, it works fine, go to turn it off, and it appears it's off but when I go to turn it back on, it's dead (drained or just the little grey screen of gloom). I'm not interested in buying a new iPod at the moment and not sure if I'll get any help resurrecting the little iPod that could. Bleh.


Tell me about your weekend plans. I am planning on IRL ignoring people in person. It's the best.



In OH DEAR COMIC CON news, the largest room is going to have, back to back, panels on Glee, Supernatural, Doctor Who.

Many pink wayfarers shall be crushed underfoot in the battle for seating.


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