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I managed to post a fic yesterday, yay. Too bad lj was still experiencing DDOS attacks but hey, slowly fighting the doom that is my writer's block. Not sure if I'll be able to write anything today but maybe I'll fiddle around with things tomorrow.

Sometimes I want to brag about how awesome my friends are. I know so many talented and creative people that I feel I get cool points just by association. (Though of course I don't.) Several close friends are amazing photographers and my dear [ profile] elrina753 posted photos of some of her latest trips to Venice and really, you have to see for yourself.

Meanwhile I have finally completed laundry! The little things, I swear, take me forever. Now I shall have lunch, poke around at things at my room and clear off space as my Christmas tree has yet to go up, and hope that my aching neck and back magically heals itself. Optimism! I have it because I bought myself Fresca.
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Fic: Of Love and Time Travel
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,556
Spoilers: S3, I Kissed a Girl
Warnings: Language
Summary: Blaine’s agreed to take care of my flummoxed caterpillars while I try to convince Lord Tubbington to go on a non-caterpillar diet. Hallway conversations wherein Santana and Blaine come to something of an understanding.
Author's Notes: Based on the following prompt by [ profile] expatiates: blaine doing something sweet/helpful for brittany and it making santana warm up to him a little. No time travel anomalies were harmed in the making of this fic.


Santana figures out that elbows aren’t a part of McKinley’s stupid zero tolerance policy pretty fast so she’s gotten good at throwing them when some miserable ass tries to crack some comment about her queer and here status. )
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I realized I'm possibly really behind on Modern Family. I don't know how to do TV anymore. Okay, so tonight, I shall cook dinner and watch Top Chef, pretend I'm totally going to do laundry, and likely I will not accomplish any of this and crawl into my bed and fall asleep.

Highway into the danger zone.

I also can't write for shit which is making me mad as there's this short fic I want to do and every word I try to write doesn't do a damn thing. UGH. I hate feeling like this.

I'd ask for prompts but they'd just be for like, Glee fic ideas and only be about Blaine, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany, AKA Team Characters Who Deserve Better Storylines, Oh my god, I'm so sorry about your year long arc conclusion, Santana.

And with that comment, a brief and totally not a rant about the latest episode of Glee.

I Am In a Relationship with a Girl But You Will Not See Us Share Any Dialogue About Me Being Forcibly Outed: The Santana Lopez Story )
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Here's a video of animals eating pumpkins at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Happy holidays.

My mise en place is done and now all I have to do is get dressed and make it to my friend's apartment. Success. So far.
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I realized I never unlocked a fic on my lj so er I hope it doesn't pop up on anyone's flist since it was in OCTOBER. *facepalm*

Thanksgiving is going to be awesome in that I get to cook things and there will be bacon along with tasty vegetarian foods. Trader Joe's has low sodium vegetable broth, so fuck yeah, mushroom gravy shall be made.

I just need to buy some yams tomorrow and man, I've never shopped for Thanksgiving the day before. I hope it's not chaos. I AM ONLY GOING FOR YAMS. And possibly brown sugar. Please don't hit me.
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I have returned from adventures in Disney World. And now must immediately pass out as I've got work tomorrow (er, as I did today) and I am still recovering from all the Disney.

The state of how far behind I am in my TV viewing is sad/hilarious. I'm caught up on Glee and Parks & Recreation. I'm TWO episodes behind on Community, idk how many for American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time.

And whatever else I watch. Psych. I'm behind on that too.

But sleep. Sleep is good.
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Since I'm heading out early in the morning to do the business of not letting [ profile] ignited into my car (STAY IN MY DREAMS) and I'll probably not make any significant posts, here's a video of a thing I will be seeing on Tuesday. WHILE DRINKING ALL THE HOT CHOCOLATE.

omg omg omg vacation and fireworks and roller coasters and DISNEY and TOWER OF TERROR AND ALL THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM.

A turkey leg for Stef, a Grey Goose slushie for me, and my face will be perpetually full of stars.
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Have made it to casa de mi madre and am now sitting in pjs on a bed. Oh my god, vacation. You are all I've ever wanted. I managed to make it home with the tickets, money, and car keys (lol I am a dumbass and brought my car keys with me to my apartment where I do not have a car).

Tomorrow: all the errands, all the madness of last minute travel prep, a much needed spa pedicure to make me less likely to be stressed out.


I think I'll hang out with [ profile] ignited on Sunday since we don't have anything going on. Maybe we'll run across [ profile] caithream at some point next week. Just maybe.
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Of interest to a couple people on my flist, I totally saw a 800-GOT-JUNK truck while I was walking outside today. It was probably the smallest truck I've seen on the streets, smaller than a UPS truck.

I thought by today I was going to be able to post something. lol nope. Cockblocked by stress and my period. A super fun combination.

As I'm going on vacation and will be unable to do much internet-ing about, I probably won't be making any updates for the week while I'm away.

If you wanted to take bets on when I'll have a crying meltdown, I say some time Saturday in the afternoon. Yesterday Southwest Airlines kindly informed me that I should pack my luggage. Normally I do this shit in advance but that sent me into a further spiral of despair. I can't help but feel I'm going to disappoint everyone - hence the Saturday meltdown I feel is totally going to happen.

Sigh. Okay. Post-work today I've got laundry to do, put together whatever makeup/skin care items I can pack away before I head home on Friday night. Saturday will be the OMG WHAT DID I FORGET flip out and at some point I will be excited for this vacation instead of feeling like crap.
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This poll IS intended for scientific purposes and if you get all the answers right, you'll win your very own boyflower. Choose wisely.

[Poll #1793404]
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Let me explain. No wait, there is too much and I am still full of dinner and sleepy because "fall back" always means I'm an hour off and so, so sleepy.

In a week, I will be in Orlando and ahhhhhhhh. So much to do. I did kick ass on serious laundry business and hopefully tomorrow I can set up some stuff for packing purposes since I need to give one of my luggage pieces to my mom and I need to make sure if I can fit everything in my smaller bag.

...I also have to get a tape measure to make sure my larger bag is okay since I've had it since 2001 and regulations have changed. Blah.

I'm in eternal catch up mode with television. No time for zombies or fairy tales tonight. Le sigh.
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You guys. I'm such a grownup. I had like, cereal for dinner and have celebrated Halloween by not wearing pants. Not wearing pants is my costume, okay?

Therefore I call tonight a success.

Every day I come home to my cat Taylor not bloody is a win in my book. Tomorrow I shall get on with the business of not being a hermit. There's your Halloween boo.
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Parks and Recreation is my happy place. I didn't love Community last night but that was almost a given. Last season's zombie episode was probably one of my favorite Halloween episodes especially as it called out so many horror genre tropes AND had an awesome Star Wars joke.

Spoilers for Community )

As I'm traveling home to visit mi madre and do such exciting things such as laundry and annoying doctor appointments that will solve nothing, I leave the internet to you, my flist. Use it wisely.

How sad that this is Halloween weekend and aside from a sweet fangirl meetup/dinner tomorrow, my most exciting plans involve housework at my mom's place. Party hard.
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You guys, Psych is good this season! I sort of stopped watching last season because Shawn was being douchey without being likable and I didn't enjoy any of the episodic plots but I've really liked all the eps (a whopping 3) so far! There's been some good guest star roles without them being GUEST STAR roles, if you know what I mean. Even when it's a random cameo, it's funny.

My favorite one so far is definitely episode 2 which does a great take on The Hangover premise and it's very buddy-buddy. All my feelings about Shawn-Gus have been rekindled so eeeeee, yay I have an hour long show to watch that doesn't make me yell at the screen!

In other yelling at the screen news, I watched The Walking Dead. And all I will say is this:

Re: your brains )

In final news, next week, Glee comes back and I look forward to the end of hiatus for lo, Glee fandom for the spoiled has been quite a ride.

I posted fic yesterday for the [ profile] beyond_dapper mini-exchange and I am still proud of the title: Boys Seldom Make Passes At Boys With Flat Asses: A Sex Seminar With Santana Lopez. For all that there's some fairly explicit talk, it's only an R rating, which is kind of funny to me.

Tonight: Community. Now that's a show I really do not spoil myself for at all so I have no idea what's going on and I'm happy to go in blind since all I know is that it's a Halloween episode. This has not been a very good week so I am totally drowning myself in TV as a pick me up.
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Boys Seldom Make Passes At Boys With Flat Asses:
A Sex Seminar With Santana Lopez
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,074
Recipient: [ profile] devonwood
Spoilers: S3, Asian F
Warnings: Sexual Content, Language
Summary: “You do want Kurt to like what you’ve giving him, right? It’s a gift, and while I don’t believe in the saying it’s better to give than to receive, you don’t want him to ask for a gift receipt ‘cause it sucked. So you better suck dick like you were born to do it.” Y'all, Blaine may have gotten in a little over his head. Thus, Santana teaches him about the proper way to give head. Among other things.
Prompt Used: Blaine seeks out Santana for sex advice.
Author's Notes: With the greatest amount of adoration to [ profile] fourfreedoms for solidly kicking my ass with a thorough beta and major hugs to [ profile] ccmskatechick for the beta.


Okay, so here’s the Grooming 101: you’ve got to keep your business tight before your man’s eye starts wandering. )
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I think I blocked this episode out. So much booze. So many terrible "treats." A TREE FULL OF COCKTAIL GLASSES. Oh god.
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Hey, I totally posted SPN fic last night. Go me! I'm forever grateful for [ profile] salt_burn_porn since it forces me to take a risk on fic I'd never write on my "own" time. Now all I need to do is get my [ profile] beyond_dapper exchange fic from "random jotted notes and a few jokes in my head" into actual words today. I think if I hit 1K tonight I'll be in good shape since the check in is on Wednesday. The prompt I'm working on plays to a couple of my strengths and hey, looming deadline = a reason to bang it out in time.

Now let's talk zombies.

With less than a month away from my big Disney vacation (aaaaaaaah), I've been reading up on Disney Things, and one of my go to places is the DISboards. Today I saw someone started a thread on zombie survival methods at Disney WOrld. It is kind of amazing. Also: people debating on what type of zombies they'd be facing in order to decide where the best defenses would be - aka the old slow vs. fast debate and "can zombies swim?"

I watched the S2 premiere of The Walking Dead last night and before I go under the lj cut, let me mention that I have not read the comics nor do I plan on reading them at this time. Please do not discuss comic book spoilers to me since I do not want to be spoiled for any possible storylines on the TV show.

Way to go, Rick! )
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The Abyss Looks Back
Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: SPN S7, Meet The New Boss
Warnings: Sexual Content, Language
Word Count: 2,552
Summary: Sam lets go because he has to have faith in Dean since there’s not much else out there left for them to hope for. He can’t quite close his eyes either, as the shadows are there too, waiting for him.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] salt_burn_porn with the prompt: nothing like a little sin. Thanks to [ profile] memphis86 for the beta.


Lucifer is patient he tells Sam, Michael would not be so. He cants his head to the side, eyes full of his treacherous sympathy. The memories, he decides, that’s how we’ll begin. )
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Today is a day that calls for fine dining and a dignified visit to a shots bar. I plan on wearing an invisible monocle. I should also put on some makeup to look presentable but I'm too busy melting in my office.

Yesterday, Glee fandom finally broke the last straw of zen I had left and I posted a rant on Tumblr regarding Blaine Anderson's ethnic background and how I will not stand for people saying it's just simpler if the show presents him as completely white (and having two white parents). A quick note to the .5 people who go to that link, my Tumblr is not spoiler-free but that post certainly is; just don't go to my main page since there may have a couple of posts up regarding upcoming episodes/spoiler speculation (as well as spoilers for other shows - I tend to reblog gifs of episodes that recently air).

It was validating to see that other people got me, because god, it's not going ruin the fucking show if a half-Asian character gets to stay half-Asian. I just cannot handle the "but he LOOKS white" nonsense.

I was a lot angrier yesterday, now I'm pretty calm but this is a surefire way to get me into a rage and man, ignorant people sure do like to blather on this subject like they're goddamn authorities. (And they are almost always white people who just have no idea how offensive they're being.)

On to other TV things:

Didn't watch Project Runway last night. Will at some point this weekend. This is not really a very amazing group of designers and I feel the winner was basically picked from the start of the season. Meh.

I saw Community late last night and Parks and Rec in the morning. Both made me believe that we are living in excellent times if you are a fan of awesome comedy. I also think P&R is probably the most feminist-positive television show I've ever had the honor to watch. Female friendships are valued! Women can be friends with men and not have ~sexual tension. Women are happy single or in a relationship but neither has any significant bearing on who they are as a person!

In conclusion, I want to be Leslie Knope when I grow up.


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