Dec. 28th, 2011

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You know I really, really love my mom considering I took her into the heart of tourist hell on Christmas Day: Times Square, Bryant Park, AND Rockerfeller Center. I finished off that evening with a lot sangria as it beer'd me strength.

But hey, it was her request, my sister Johnny got a really cute Nightmare Before Christmas necklace at one of the shops set up in Bryant Park, and we had delicious food.

My paella came out awesomely on Christmas Eve. I had to carry the paella pan and all the ingredients across the street to my grandparents' place as we're redoing the kitchen at my mom's house and still even with that silliness, the rice was not fucked up. My mom even texted me last night to let me know the last leftovers were just as excellent. Hee.

Quiet week at my office which I like. It'll be not that way once everyone comes back after New Year's. It gives me a breather to think about things and naturally I have this fic idea I'm plugging away it. I'd like to finish it and pester my betas to make it not-suck. We'll see how it goes. Over 7,500 words and that's barely the first part. Lordy.

I just realized I have no clue what's going to happen when I see How to Succeed on January 3rd. I should probably send out an email tonight all "so what's the plan then, eh?"
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Does anyone know if there are any "year in fic" reviews out there? I wanna talk about all the fic I managed to write this year. Because I am nothing if not a raging egomaniac.


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