Dec. 12th, 2011

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So basically I have spent every day watching Regional Holiday Music because when Community rips on Glee it is the most beautiful thing ever.

Spoilers Really Care About Regionals and Doesn't Want to Screw This Up )

Other things: I think people who grew up enjoying The Muppets should go see the latest movie. I went for a second time with my sister Johnny and my mom, as they hadn't seen it yet. Had such a good time and it was a great followup from our November Disney trip, since IMHO, the Muppets 3D movie at Hollywood Studios is still one of the best 3D movies out there and it's over ten years old (if not fifteen).

Ooh, my not-so-secret love affair with Once Upon a Time continues!

Spoilers for Last Night's Episode )
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This video is so perfect I can't. I CAN'T. Damn you, [ profile] loony_moony for brining it to my attention!

Best 4:30am decision ever.

(sidenote: I can't believe SNL is STILL running on the 70s era practice of pulling an all-nighter to get sketches done. For fuck's sake.)


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