Jul. 29th, 2011

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Welcome back, lj. Fighting the good fight, I know, but man, it feels good to be able to open shit up without worrying lj's going to keel over.

I'm thinking of backlogging my fic to AO3. Is it fairly painless to put lj stuff up on there?

I hesitate to remind people that you'll find me on tumblr because I do use tumblr as the nerve of my glee-related fannishness and I often feel guilty that my non-glee followers get spammed with text back and forths between me and people and so many gifs it'll make your eyes bleed. So. I'm there but like. I'm here for talking about stuff too.

Will speak more about Captain America and how it gave me feelings tomorrow, I think. At some point (Wednesday night?), I was tweeting Steve/Tony manly hugs and um, I'm not saying I'll be writing fic, I'm just saying people should write fic about the movie versions of the characters. I'd read it.

teach Steve the ways of the secular flesh.


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