Jul. 3rd, 2011

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Independence Day weekend! <3 What shall I do on actual Independence Day? Spa pedicure followed by the long road back to my apartment? Okay then.

I got to see fireworks last night which were pretty damn sweet and holy crap, long. I didn't get home until almost midnight. The show ended after 10:30pm but...traffic. Normally it takes under 20 minutes to drive from my mom's place to the park.

Today I seriously was going to be all gung-ho but I totally lazed about for too long and then did some errands. Bought some tasty groceries with the plan of making a delightful dinner and then I made the worst choice ever by eating too many cherries before dinner. They were so good. But while I was all om nom nom cherries my body went, lol do you know why you don't eat cherries all that ofter? Prepare for pain.

So much pain. Still feeling icky.

But only physically. Mentally? I'm all good. Post-posting fic is a damn good euphoria and i don't have anything on my plate at the moment. I might poke at a fic at some point this week but I don't feel the rush and oh, that's nice. Writing zen. I like it.

I try to behave myself on lj because I know most people who might read my lj don't care about the same things I'm currently swooning over in a fannish way however, this summer has been kind of strangely awesome and I'd like to talk about it so please, skip over, I don't want to annoy you but I am excited, so, whoops, sorry for that!

To explain it, it's like this, when I was 16, there I was sitting on the edge of my mattress, eagerly watching Farscape in the dark and seeing John and Aeryn kiss for reals and knowing that it would change everything. I disassociate with "shipping" shit a lot of the time, I like to think I can be semi-rational about this stuff, and I can appreciate non-romance aspects, but I still remember being excited when that couple I was rooting for got together. I know I'm harshing your life now that you know that I find joy in things.

So, stupid Glee has made me feel stupid feelings with their stupid way of making me care about adorable characters despite the show being a chaotic mess. So there's Brittany & Santana and whatever the hell is going on with them, the finale left them in a murky "friends" space where Santana is yet to come out and there's not indication that they'll be together in a serious romantic sense (and I side eye Glee about its bisexual representation because Brittany is clearly bi and they need to outright state it and stop being cute).

Then of course, there's Kurt/Blaine, and yeah, I know many people don't think it's compelling but damn if it doesn't take me back to being a sixteen year old kid, all wide-eyed and innocent. We're talking pre-internet days, guys. I found fandom because of Farscape (though I joined fandom due to my BtVS/AtS love).

Will I ever get to the point? Maybe. So once Glee is done, everyone in the cast gets shuffled off to do a concert tour across the US and Canada, then they went over to England and Ireland. The cast because they are internet-savvy, often post adorable shit on twitter about their adventures and it is ridiculously cute. Obviously I've been keeping up and duh, totally participating since I went to see the last US show and even went to see Darren Criss perform live at Irving Plaza oh my god teenies, stop shrieking and let me hear the man sing.

In which Reg explains that in Glee fandom, boys totally get their mack on with each other )


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