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SPN/BtVS+AtS Crossover
True Blood
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel: the Series
Pirates of the Carribbean
The O.C.

(in alphabetical order by title)

ashes to ashes, dead to dead — (Sam/Dean, Dean/Pamela, R, 2,646 words)

The Backseat Driving Angel — (Gen, PG, 788 words)

Bag of Bones — (Gen, PG-13, 1,583 words)

Ballad of the BBQ Boys — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,175 words)

Ben Has Two Dads Uncles — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 11,000 words, Co-written with [ profile] ignited) - please see Ben has Two Dads Overview for Codas & Sequel

better howl at the moon — (Gen, PG, 753 words)

a boy and his dildo — (Gen, R, 2,505 words)

Bridge and Tunnel — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,110 words. Co-written with [ profile] ignited)

bruise you (use you) — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,750 words)

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick makerOne: The Butcher (Dean/OFC, 3,330 words) | Two: The Baker (Sam/OFC, 4,200 words)| Three: The Candlestick Maker (Dean/Sam/OFC, 6,800 words) | (NC-17)

Catch a Falling Star — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,620 words. Crossover with Stardust, sequel to The Prettiest Star by [ profile] ignited)

Clowns On A Plane — (Gen, PG, 373 words)

Crib, Catch, Call — (Gen, John POV, PG, 2,800 words)

the curve of your lips rewrite history — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,718 words)

Darwinism, or How Gently the Crocodile Feasts — (Gen, PG, 200 words)

Destined by Dolphins — (Sam/Dean, R, 2,358 words)

Dodgeball: A Fake Underdog Story, as Told By That Weird Kid Who Ate Gross Stuff for Money — (Assistant Coach Roth/Creepy Janitor (AKA Dean and Sam), Non-Surprise Chad Michael Murray, PG, 1,241 words)

the dog begging bone — (Gen, PG-13, 1604 words)

don't bet on the matador — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,615 words)

Don't Fear The Cowbell — (Gen, Dean, PG-13, 1,947 words)

drag it through the garden — (Sam/Dean, R, 1,304 words)

El Viaje Misterioso de los Hermanos WinchesterOne: Bienvenido a Miami | Two: Some Dude Called Máximo Gómez and Other Unusual Suspects | Three: If You Hear the Mermaid Singing | Four: Viva Yemaya (Gen, R, 32,500 words)

Five Monsters Dean Can’t Help Being (Inside I’m Bleeding Remix) — (Gen, R, 3,876 words)

Five People Dean Doesn't Mind Screwing — (Dean/Sam, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Self, Dean/Tara, Dean/Crossroads Demon, NC-17, 3,650 words)

ghostings, fake zombies, and pranks, oh my — (Gen, PG-13, 5,070 words)

the girl i mean is not refined — (Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, NC-17, 6,437 words)

gonna let loose — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 200 words)

halo girls and dreamers — (Sam/OFC, NC-17, 2,500 words)

have your cake (and eat it too) — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,670 words)

he swallowed his pride and puckered his lips — (Dean/Sam/Priestly, NC-17, 1,315 words, Ten Inch Hero crossover)

High Rollers — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 4,042 words)

hit the ground and run — (Sam/Dean, R, 1,196 words)

hook, line, and sinker — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 7,060 words)

in disguises no one knows — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 40,000 words. Co-written with [ profile] ignited)

Instincts — (Girl!Sam/Dean, NC-17, 400 words. AU.)

isn't that the point — (Dean/Lisa, NC-17, 2,595 words)

The Jean Genie — (Gen, PG-13, 2,180 words)

Jump On It — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,119 words)

knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again) — (Sam/Dean, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, Sam/Dean/OFC, NC-17, 5,288 words)

let him be righteous still — (girl!Dean/Sam, NC-17, 1,284 words)

The Lone Star Kimono — (Gen, slight Sam/Dean implication, PG-13)

magic fingers — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 720 words)

My Mister Darcy — (Sam/J.D., Scrubs/SPN Crossover, PG, 650 words)

next stop, dinner theater — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 910 words)

no soul to sell — (Sam/Dean, Dean/Other, R, 2,645 words)

nothing seems to let me go — (Sam/Dean, R, 1,541 words)

The Orangery: L'Orangerie: A Glass House of Emotions — (Sam/Dean, PG, 761 words)

Patina — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,719 words)

pineapple upside down cake — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,990 words)

pop rocks and soda (pop) — (Gen, PG-13, ~3,000 words. Pre-Series)

The Pursuit — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,074)

quiet now — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 295 words)

Rattlers — (Gen, slight Sam/Dean, PG-13, 890 words)

simmer down and kick it up — (Gen, PG, 4,760 words)

soon you'll take me — (Sam/Ruby, Sam/Dean, NC-17, 4,189 words)

spun sugar (a cotton candy drabble) — (Sam/Dean, PG, 399 words)

Stereoscopes — (Gen, PG-13, 293 words)

Supernatural, Double Feature (The Winchester Horror Picture Show) — (Sam/Dean, Sam/Frank, Dean/Frank, Sam/Columbia, NC-17, 15,000 words. Crossover with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Co-written with [ profile] ignited)

Swimming in Suwannee — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 11,160 words)

That One Night — (Sam/Jess, NC-17, 358 words)

there's always awkward in the banana stand — (SPN/Arrested Development AU, Sam/Dean, PG-13, 200 words)

three maids in a tub — (OFC POV, R, 1,215 words. Sequel to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker)

through the looking glass — (Gen, PG-13, 2,583 words)

Twentieth Century Boy — (Dean/OFC, R, 2,515 words)

Vicarious — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,100 words)

The Waffle Talk — (Dean/Sam, PG, 410 words)

wake up with the sunrise — (Dean/Carmen, Sam/Jess, PG-13, 1,737 words)

what remains to be lost — (Sam/Dean, R, 2,036 words)

When I Think Sing About You — (Sam/Dean, R, 251 words)

while his hands are busy (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,731 words)

whores in space — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 505 words. Crack!fic. Crossover with Farscape)

The Winchester Guide to Haunted Vaginas — (Unrated, Crack)

witchy women of the westMaria (5,600 words) | Rose (5,400 words)| Garota (5,562 words) | (Dean/OFC, NC-17)

with apples — (Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,970 words)

won't get fooled again — (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 1,100 words. Crack!fic)

SPN/BtVS+AtS Crossover
(in alphabetical order by title)

Five Times Dean Wished He Never Met Faith — (Dean/Faith, PG-13, 1,508 words)

Five Times Faith Should’ve Hitchhiked Instead (And One Time It's Better That She Didn't)— (Dean/Faith, PG-13, 974 words)

Other Myths That Aren't TrueSasparilla Boots (4,500 words) | Broken Antennae (7,488 words)| Kidney Punch (9,133 words) | (Dean/Faith, NC-17)

Vampires Mate for Life - (Faith/Dean, Angel/Buffy, Buffy/Spike, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Angel/Spike, PG-13, 430 words)

(in alphabetical order by title)

the little deli & grocery around the corner — (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,557 words)

Acting Is Serious Business — (Jared/Jensen, PG, 419 words)

Chasing Zebrasa monkey wrench of miscommunication (PG-13, 1,037 words) | (Jared/Jensen)

Honey, I Don’t Think That’s What They Mean When They Call It “Swing” — (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,925 words)

How Chad Michael Murray Got Jared and Jensen Together (and Fell In Love with Misha Along the Way), as told by CMM Himself (Bitch) — (Chad/Misha, Jared/Jensen, R, 7,446 words)

This is the Greatest Drabble About a Pimp Medallion That Has Ever Included Chad Michael Murray — (ASkars/Chad, PG-13, 440 words)

Ring a ding dong. Heh. Dong. Get it? — (Chad/Misha, PG-13, 154 words)

Welcome Home Drabbles — (Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 670 words)

The Wingman — (Jared/Jensen, Farscape Crossover: D'Argo, PG, 463 words)

True Blood
(in alphabetical order by title)

Five Lies Godric Regrets — (Godric/Eric, R, 500 words)

(in alphabetical order by title)

Ben Has Two Gay Friends— (SPN Crossover, set in the Ben Has Two Dads 'verse, Kurt/Blaine, Sam/Dean, Ben/Other, R, 11,575 words)

The Boy on the Seesaw (or another kind of push and pull) — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 3,948 words)

But Maybe You'd Rather Sing About Acute Boys — (Kurt/Blaine, PG, Drabble)

Cocksure — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 3,772)

The Dangers of Kissing — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 1,646)

Tell Me, Where is Sir Blaine For I Much Desire to Speak to Him — (Kurt/Blaine, PG, 1 Sentence Drabble)

Silent Hill Jokes? Is That Silent Hill Jokes? — (Kurt/Blaine, PG, Drabble)

Sriracha and the Benefit of a Warm Compress— (Kurt/Blaine, R, 2,780 words)

World Conversationalists — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 9,166 words)

Doctor Who
(in alphabetical order by title)

Change (it happens sometimes) — (Gen, Rose, PG)

Five Things the Doctor Won't Lick — (Gen, slight Doctor/Rose, PG)

Five Times Rose Tyler Didn’t Master the Art of Mascara Application — (Gen, Rose, PG)

Five Planets the Ninth Doctor Didn't See With These Eyes — (Gen, Doctor, PG)

How It's Done (Fucking That Is) — (Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Others, NC-17)

Parts — (Ten/Rose, NC-17)

Passing the Way (Song Sliced in Twain Remix) — (Gen, PG)

Perversions (Heretofore Unpracticed On a Most Willing Body) — (Ten/Rose, Ten/Rose/TARDIS, Ten/Rose/OMC, NC-17)

Songs I've Sung (I've Missed a Few) — (Gen, Rose, PG)

Harry Potter
(in alphabetical order by title)

All Fall Down — (Remus/Sirius, R)

All These Things (Come To Pass) — (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

Deluge — (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

El Tango De Sirius:
Starring Remus J. Lupin and Pertaining to a Very Strange Occurrence Wherein There is Dancing And Sirius Black. A Comedy.
— (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

Five Ways to Kill Remus J. Lupin — (Gen, R)

Fucking Sirius Black — (Remus/OFC, Sirius/OFC, Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

The Future is Ours — (Remus/Sirius, PG-13)

I Am — (Gen, Remus, R)

In Delirium: Marauders — (Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, R)

Intoxication for the Wayward Soul — (Remus/Sirius, R)

The Light Fantastic — (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

Like A Broken Record — (Remus/Sirius, PG)

Of Sugar and Clichés — (Remus/Sirius, R)

The Philosophy of Breathing — (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

spark of memory infinite — (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)

...there is a world — (Remus/Sirius, PG-13)

A Wedding Announcement (Wizarding Wedding Whispers!) — (Remus/Tonks, PG, 770 words)

when remus became lupin — (Remus/Sirius, PG-13)

where the skin has forgotten you — (Remus/Sirius, Remus/Lily, NC-17)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel: the Series
(in alphabetical order by title)

150 Cigarettes Later - (Faith/Wesley, R)

Absence of Solace - (Buffy/Wesley, Buffy/Angel, Wesley/Lilah, NC-17, sequel to Betrayer)

All is Calm - (Buffy/Angel, PG, drabble)

Alligator Alley — (Farscape Crossover, John/Aeryn, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, PG-13)

Apropos Dreaming - (Cordelia, Gen, PG-13)

Argument #607 - (Faith/Spike, PG-13)

Betrayer (Wesley/Lilah, Buffy/Angel, NC-17, novella length: 54,454)

Better World - (Buffy, PG)

Bedside Manners (Buffy/Gunn, PG)

Beyond Ragnarok - (Buffy/Angel/Spike, R)

broken necks still ringing with aftereffects - (Wesley/Lilah, R)

The Burden of Lies — (Buffy/Spike, PG-13, unfinished)

Chase the Moon Across the Sky - (Nina, PG-13)

The Cheshire Dragon - (Lilah and Spike, PG-13)

Contemplation Sans Redemption - (Faith/Others, R)

And Dance By the Light - (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)

Dies Irae — (Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Wesley, R, unfinished)

dreams of otherworlds - Buffy/Angel, R)

Fear and Loathing While Slaying - (Faith/Buffy, PG-13)

Five Double Shot Drabbles - (Wesley/Illyria, Buffy/Faith, Lilah/Wesley, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Wesley, R)

Five Noises Faith Loves - (Faith/Buffy, Faith/Others, R)

Heal - (Buffy/Angelus, NC-17)

here, not waiting - (Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, R)

Housewarming Gift - (Buffy/Wesley, PG)

Last Words — (Buffy/Angel, Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Other, NC-17)

Leaving Neverland - (Dawn, PG)

Just Passing Through — (Faith/Wesley, Wesley/Lilah, Faith/Buffy, Faith/Riley, Faith/Others, NC-17)

lie to me now — (Spike/OFC, R)

lies come back to haunt you - (Angel/Spike, PG-13)

Of You in Dreaming of the Night — (Buffy/Angel, R)

Pieces of Now — (Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Other, PG-13)

Regrets: A Faith Fic SeriesOne: what you deserve (Faith/Wood, Faith/Other) | Two: mary, mary, mother full of life (Faith & Buffy)| Three: emptiness hanging from the shadows (Buffy/Faith) | wet with the midnight dew (Faith/Wesley) | one more look at the ghost (Faith/Wesley) | (R)

Set Your Hope on Fire (Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, PG-13)

sometime during the tenth body shot (Buffy/Angel/Spike, R)

Through the Looking Glass - (Faith/Wesley, R)

too good at playing bad - (Faith/Wesley, NC-17)

untitled: in springtime — (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)

What That Was - (Lilah/Wesley, PG-13)

When in Rome — (Buffy/Wes, PG-13)

Young Connor Plays It Safe — (Connor, R)

(in alphabetical order by title)

Empty Nest Syndrome — (Gen, Pilot, Moya, PG)

Fantasy In Technicolor — (John/Aeryn, R)

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Lederhosen — (Gen, John, D'Argo, G)

Five Names John Didn't Give to His Son (And One Name He Did) — (John/Aeryn, PG)

Five Ways to Finish a Raslak — (Gen, Furlow, PG-13)

For a Time, It Was Love — (Aeryn/Henta, John/Aeryn R)

Frail Edges — (John/Aeryn, R) linked off of lj

Luck — (Gen, Chiana, drabble, PG)

mending horizons — (John/Aeryn, NC-17)

Out of Kansas — (Smallville Crossover, Lex Luthor POV, drabble, PG)

redefining the universe — (John/Aeryn, R)

Scientist(s) — (Gen, John, Namtar, drabbles, PG, 200 words)

Sepia Girl — (John/Chiana, R)

Skin — (John/Aeryn, PG)

(Un)Fortunate — (John/Aeryn, drabble, PG)

Pirates of the Carribbean
(in alphabetical order by title)

Drabbles written for 882 Ways to Appease the Heathen Gods: A Pirates of the Caribbean Drabble Project - Dead Men Tell No Tales, untitled: Ragetti (PotC/American Gods Crossover), Follow the Money, Seth Meets a Pirate (PotC/The O.C. Crossover), Anatomy of Corset, untitled: Mango (PotC/Saturday Night Live Crossover)

Good Mary - (Bootstrap Bill/Will's Mother, PG-13)

Sea Calm - (Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth, R)

searching for the first taste - (Jack/Will/Elizabeth, R, 310 words)

The O.C.
(in alphabetical order by title)

Beginnings - (Seth/Ryan, Seth/Summer, Seth/Anna, R)

Dìa de los Muertos - (Seth/Ryan, R)

Graduation - (Seth/Ryan, PG)

Night and a Fall - (Kirsten/Ryan, PG-13)

Word Porn - (Seth/Ryan, NC-17)

(in alphabetical order by title)

Alma redemptoris — (Smallville, Clark/Lana, Chloe/Lana, Lana/Whitney, R, unfinished)

Desolate Memories — (X-Men Movieverse, Logan/Jean, Logan/Marie, hints of Logan/Mystique, R)

(now you don't) — (Heroes, Gen, Claude, PG, 1,000 words)

Seven Minutes in Heaven — (Psych, Shawn/Gus, PG, 1,064 words)

Shiny and New (Here's the Kicker) — (Veronica Mars, Veronica/Duncan, Veronica/Logan, PG-13)

Spectre — (Queer as Folk, Brian/Justin, NC-17)


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