Jan. 4th, 2012

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I miss posting from directly from lj but then I go to the posting page and black out in rage. SIGH.

The weather has decided to conspire against me, I've decided. While I was decently bundled up last night and today I've gone into full "fuck you winter" dress which means uh, if I were to suddenly decide to glom unto a friend's extra rush ticket to a show tonight that yep, I'm so under dressed for Broadway, it's kind of awful.

BUT. I do not want to freeze tonight. Such is life.

Things I find funny and you won't but you have to read this post to find the secret hidden pony anyway so read it:

- it is becoming a thing where the lovely group I went to see How To Succeed with always seem to end up at BBQ style place.

- boozy mint hot chocolate IS the right answer.

- having to walk past the Stage Door of DOOOOOOM almost led to me losing everyone because I tend to barrel ahead when walking in the cold and I had to GO BACK into that nightmare of tittering crazy. The things I do to enjoy the company of people I like.

- I had tater tots for dinner. I'm going to be 29 next month. What am I doing with my life?

Wait I'm doing the best thing: living the life I always wanted. At 22, during my interview for the ex-job, I was asked where I saw myself in 5 years. New York. That was my answer. The city was always the answer. 5 years later, and there I was. More than five years later, and there I want to be. I never went to concerts when I was 22. I never went to plays/musicals because money and the rare times I did as I got older, it was for Big Special Occasions and I freaked out over the money I'd spend.

I still do that: even when I'm planning out vacations that involve shelling out tons of cash, I feel bad about doing that. Saving my money, paying off all my debts, that's how it's supposed to be, maybe a nice small trinket here and there. Never doing something so lavish as going to concerts. Never going to Broadway shows. Sit at home, be content with life.

I wanted to live in New York City. I acknowledged Manhattan was out of price range before I even had a job and knew what my actual price range was going to be. God, I'm a bit of a control freak and so very boring.

I have no great ambitions. I like rooting for other people, I want the best for my friends. I'd rather my own personal happiness than fame; while I make jokes about being famous on the internet (and I'm not, at all), I have no actual desire for it.

(this is not really a segue, it's just a breather, let's all have a nice hot drink if we're in a cold place, or vice-versa.)

this is a lj cut. I talk about seeing How to Succeed. Words are spoken. )


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