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A Wedding Announcement (Wizarding Wedding Whispers!)
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The Deathly Hallows
Pairing: Remus/Tonks
Summary: The Order discovered this article from the home of missing (and in all likelihood, deceased) reporter Yvette Jasper-Golweith, revealing that certain secret locations may have been discovered by Death Eaters.
Word Count: 770
Author’s Notes: This fic is devised to be a Daily Prophet newspaper article with editor’s comments. I don’t think this falls under the category of “crack” but it is a bit of an odd duck. Try to figure out who would get the moniker of Wilfred Wolfson. After a three year leave of absence, this is a return to HP fic writing, I hope you enjoy.


Wizarding Wedding Whispers!
By Yvette Jasper-Golweith


(The Order has discovered this original copy preserved from the files of deceased reporter YJP (still being reported as “missing.” This includes editor comments – please note the names, check against suspected Death Eaters.)


Tying the knot? During these troubling times, perhaps you’re looking for a hush-hush affair at low, low costs. )
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when remus became lupin
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It was the type of name that took a lifetime to accept.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Author’s Notes: WARNING: HBP Spoilers I’d started this before HBP, but I just had to reference HBP elements.


Grinning a mouth of jagged teeth... )
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All These Things (Come To Pass)
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: Their relationship was never as simple as either of them hoped it would be. Scenes of two men: friendship, love, betrayal, despair, and hope. I will tell you the stories, one of them true, one of them real, one a lie, and one dream. The other, that is for you to decide.
Author's Notes: Probably my longest R/S fic to date (over 8,300 words). This is a slightly unusual piece for me, because about 2/3 of it is pretty funny and sweet. Of course, there’s that 1/3 to watch out for. ;-) Thank you, [ profile] jazzypom for the beta and insightful comments. Oh, and the fourth scene contains quotes from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land.


I will tell you the stories, one of them true, one of them real, one a lie, and one dream. The other, that is for you to decide.

And if you don't want to hear them, you should wait until dark. There's a full moon rising and red blood will be spilled this very night.

Do you understand the price?



There is a pattern of freckles on one of his shoulder blades, like dark gold dust that once fell onto the skin and refuses to break contact. His other shoulder is fair and clear from any markings. One day, being extraordinarily bored, Sirius picks up a quill and after filling it with vivid scarlet ink, begins connecting the dots.

Remus, who'd taken off his shirt in protest against the stuffy heat of the dormitory, sits on his bed, attempting to finish an essay due in Potions. He is miserable at the finer points of the art and wants to write in joking asides as to his practical experiences in making the potion, but he'd like passing marks on the essay, so he refrains from writing them.

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The Philosophy of Breathing
Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After the war has ended and Remus is the last Marauder standing, he must get on with the business of living. Wherein Remus meets many so-called philosophers, lives in a flat of the wrong size, remembers a far more innocent time when arguments ended in sex on a table, defaces ancient statuary, and tries to outrun his own philosophy of survival.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to [ profile] ignited for acting as a soundboard and for patching up some loose areas in the story.


If he were to travel all over the world, which indeed he would not do, nor has he any inclination towards such a venture, he fears he would carry trace elements of Sirius. It would be like some unfortunate miasma, too ephemeral and weak to cover the full moon, just a few wisps streaking the sky but marring the deceptive lull of a clear night sky. For, as he has painfully learned, when the sky is at its clearest, it’s easiest to believe that the truth has been laid out, bare and raw, for all to see.

It’s a trap he mustn’t ever find appealing again.

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Getting myself back into writing. Writing this right now, forgive any clunky errors.

Fandom: HP
Pairing: Remus/Sirius


The thing's not without its merits. Of course, the merits would be the repeated themes. That the sky's always full of so many fucking stars, the classical allusions to the most heroic of myths (the ones with the worst endings of course, you can't forget that), and yes, finally, the most delicious thing of all, the fleeting hope that just because there was a space, a pause, a mere breath of time to feel, to know, and to fucking life, that it makes the thing worth it.

Here's the thing, though. It isn't. Not worth it, not heroic, not tragic, not even worthy as a footnote to an endnote.

Look, no magical words were spoken, their communication degraded long before jokes about magical words and cliches were all the rage. There was not 'I love you' or dignified admissions of true love, and there was, and this is indeed the real tragedy, there was no fleeting, comforting sex to make the lie all the better.

The thing is not important really, in the short run, in the span of life it takes to think on it, to remember, and to collect all these experiences and convert them to faulty memory, at a very sharp decline, considering the value's gone down significantly.

Better to trade all your hopes and dreams and get a dash of salt tossed over some stranger's shoulder, for all the good it'll do you.

Fuck the world if there's some set of guidelines in how to work it out and there indeed be millions of realities, a slew of infinite universes, and enough 'what ifs' to keep a person from ever daring to slink into that cowardly realm of slumber, than there's no reason to do anything about what was lost.

Because, the thing is, it was lost, at the very beginning, and not the end, of the story. It was lost before the heroes stepped onto the page in dead words, in dead ink, on dead paper.

So what if he had no grand last words and never had the chance for that great, stirring moment, when everyone would gasp in shock, because yes, that is a real moment, in a fantasy sham of a life - that is almost worth something.

The thing - the story - is not without its merit.

But that will never make it a true story.

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black loved each other deeply, lost each other greatly, managed to survive despite the horrors, and their story was a tragedy - as all good stories must end.

the fucking end, as always.
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Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Remus/Others (many, many others)
Summary: He is submerging, and will drown if applicable. He still loves him, even after the fall.
Author’s Notes: Written to celebrate my lj’s two year anniversary. Tis a dark story, that is not a sequel to all fall down, but could be, if you squint your eyes. Thank you to [ profile] leelee_cakes for the advice and the encouragement. And a year ago, I posted porntastic The O.C. Seth/Ryan banterfic, cowritten by the lovely [ profile] torchthisnow, and now I post HP fic starring Remus Lupin, wherein it’s all about Sirius, tragedy, loss, and denial, and Remus even sex with a girl. *gasp* So a lot has changed, then.


Imagine this for your voyeuristic needs: the heady smell of bodies pressed together tighter and tighter, hot and firm and ready, the pulsing pounding gasp of that first intoxicating knowledge that fucking is on the menu, the way the booze flowed like it was going out of style, and the clacking of glasses across the loud roar of voices chattering and everyone, everyone toasting to the Boy.

And when he lifts his whiskey, he almost believes it.

But no, drinking to oblivion is a cliché - and he's past that, past caring, past breathing, past hurting, and his story's no more woeful than any other - what he lost is more pitiful; so more’s the reason why he’s downing forgetfulness in greedy draughts, maybe, but it was all so perfectly laid out. A canvas of pain and horror and regret, twisting there, just waiting to snap and all the threads came a-tumbling down, and it’s almost fucking poetry -

He may have said that part out loud, but there’s no one who hears it. They think it out of joy, out of drunkenness, out of painful realizations - this is the End - the end of an Era, the end of friendships. The end of life.

The. End.

And he is here, with a mind that has shut down for self-preservation’s sake, a body falling apart more rapidly than usual, and the motor skills of a person far more sober (soberer?) than he actually is.

Then his glass is empty and for a moment he can breathe again and it’s almost as painful as forgetting. )
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On 10th Day of Reg's Improbable and Ridiculous and Completely Insane Ficathon, [ profile] regala_electra gave to thee -

10 Endings to 10 Stories That Never Happened

Fandoms: BtVS, HP, PotC
Rating: R
Spoilers: Noted before each part.
Summary: The title is quite apt.
Author’s Notes: Er. I am a bit unhinged today/tonight/tomorry. Sorry. And some of these are clearly meant to be jokes. Terrible, terrible jokes, while some are serious, and some are wistful. It's a mystery, really.
Feedback: Kthxplz and other random grammatical misspellings.


During/Post OotP:

Remus Lupin, Hero )

Post PoA:

omg it's fluffy! )

Post OotP:

teh angst!!!11one )

Post Graduation Day Part II:

a final parting glance )


Post Not Fade Away:

despite the odds )


Post PotC:

honestly, dry-docked, and true )


Post Chosen:

to neverwhere and anywhere )


Post Chosen:

the savior himself )


Post Chosen:

eulogy )


wrapping it all with a neat little bow )

The End.
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On the 12th Day of Reg's Improbable and Ridiculous and Completely Insane Ficathon, [ profile] regala_electra gave to thee -

One Fractured Fairy Tale (or Dozen Stories That Aren't True) In Non-Chronological or Possibly Sideways Order

Rating: R
Spoilers: All in HP is fair game.
Author's Notes: This "Day" is Remus/Sirus not by plan, but it became so because well, this happened. I was inspired by many and I apologize in advance for this story, or these stories, whichever way you want to look at it. Inspiration from the Renaissance, nursey rhymes, Shakespeare, sangria, getting lost on Canal Street, religion, Plato, State of Grace, and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events are used to horrible effect.
Feedback: Nevertheless, feedback remains as delicious as free-range freedom.

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In Delirium: Marauders
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: R
Pairing: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily
Spoilers: PoA, GoF, OotP
Summary: The tale of a magic-induced fever of a troubling nature wherein very bad things happen and one good thing almost does happen, but doesn’t in the end. Or, how to see the future by having a really, really bad case of the Mysterious Fever.
Author’s Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] stars91 for the preliminary read-through/beta. I cannot blame anyone for the idea, although I'm sure the usual suspects played a part somehow, the clever minxes. Ooh, and yeah, this gets a bit darkish, so be warned.
Feedback: *needs* *craves* *dies* It helps me know I totally didn't fuck up this incredibly fucked up plotbunny.

The Sickness:

There are no spells or potions that may make one see into the future. Indeed, beyond the highly questionable art of divination, there is no true way to part time itself and see what the future shall bring.

Prophecies are of course, a different breed, and indeed it is suggested that in some way prophecies do carve certainty into the fabric of the future, and stave off any unexpected realities. Such theories however have yet to be confirmed by those of sane constitutions.

That is what every good wizard and witch learns, however if those who are young and hopeful and a bit foolish, enamored of the hope to see what tomorrow may bring, then they shall take up Divination, and they will soon learn the concrete truth that seeing into the future is a bit of rubbish. If they are profoundly silly and think a nice pack of Tarot cards are more than just printed bits of paper, then there is always the fascinating career of Muggle readings via this ultimately useless art.

No one truly gets a glimpse of the future through these methods or by any easily learned magic spells.

There is however a Fever )
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It is strange to be in a house all alone. It is so quiet. Mind you, it's rather nice. The chaos has ebbed for the moment.

Fic ideas are rolling around in my head. A very delayed early MWPP story of Sirius and Remus, and their second kiss and all the madness that ensues, it's something I planned to write a couple of months back, but never quite got around to it.

[ profile] ignited has sparked something in my mind, of Lupin in NYC, and an actual plot (involving werewolves and cures and set in a future of real possibility where Lupin simply is not happy), a real story, something deep and involving and dammit, much longer than I've written in a while.

In the meantime, I just wrote out an idea I've had about Muggles and Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Vanishing Tea Leaves
Summary: A day in the life of a Muggle of no particular importance.


Out of a desire or perhaps mere interest, and for no particular reason, the woman stood in front of the barrier between Platforms Nine and Ten before deciding to take a seat and watch it on that perfectly ordinary day, for no special motive save a peculiar curiosity.

After the tenth child vanished before her eyes and indeed did not go crashing into the very solid-looking structure, she decided she had gone quite mad and took a break, buying an absolutely wretched cup of coffee.

When she returned with a far more appealing cup of steaming tea, the eleventh child disappeared and she decided that one cannot be mad and appreciate the finer aspects of tea, despite what Alice in Wonderland may suggest on that matter.

And at the end of the day, when the last child (and no, she did not lose count) disappeared, a kindly old man sat beside her and said fondly, staring at the barrier, "Well Sally, I see you've come here again, same time, same place, eh?"

She looked at the man, but did not recognize him one bit. And she very calmly said, without thinking, without remembering, "Till next year then?"

He smiled roughly, as though his smile could shatter at any moment. "I hate doing this to you, but if I use a stronger Memory Charm, you won't be able to remember anything at all."

She nodded her head then as if she understood what he had said, when in actuality she did not. And yet she felt a sort of grim acceptance stir somewhere deep within.

It was strange to see the stranger wave a stick at her, but then, it was stranger to realize she had spend the entire day at the train station without actually knowing where she was going.

As she wandered through the station, she decided she was rather thirsty and when she found a rather smart cafe, she bought a coffee and wondered what exactly was a drink called 'tea.'

the end.

Now I almost want to write about the ordinary day of the Wizard.
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The Light Fantastic
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC 17
Summary: There is no darkness that cannot be breached by this fantastic light.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] anniesj. Enjoy your p0rn! I'm really sorry, as this is a bit late, but I am battling the worst freakin' cough evah.


A thousand lights that dance and bend. The stars themselves swaying overhead, unable to deny what is here, what is now, what cannot be held to their timeless, impassive view, the stars themselves see and would crash from the sky if asked.

Whatever he wishes. Anything he wants, for magic itself will unfold, barriers will not matter, the distances will not be crossed, and nothing, nothing shall be safe.

Madness, energy loosed from the framed structure of humdrum life. He brings the madness in shriveled claws that he is sure were once strong, sturdy hands, hands that stretched out and took a hold of life itself, shaking it about with the divine surety he knows he once possessed. But is gone and he no longer seeks it.

There is not solace to be found here. For *he* is here. Those eyes are calmly staring back at him, waiting with a patience that crushes them both, a long, sweet smothering better than that first insufferable contact of their bodies entwined. Just looking at each other captures what was lost and brings it back to life.

This is no game, no pretense, but is not real either. It lacks definition that which *is* is perhaps not. Either they are mad or they are lost, or they are remembering, or they act in this way to forget. There is no answer, nor a desire for an answer. Such things cannot be explained.

It is as rare as this mere accident of light and shadow, a creation of an eclipse. The temporary promise of a reprieve and of course it has to be now. Only when they can be hidden from the weight of the vicious moon can they rise together in this stolen moment.

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Yes, another R/S story. With teh angst and smut and all those things.

I'm sick dammit, I'll do what I want.

where the skin has forgotten you
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius (Remus/Lily)
Summary: I wish to remember where the skin has forgotten you
Author's Notes: Set after GoF (Lie Low at Lupin's), heavily borrowing from the PoA movie-verse. Where Remus lies, Sirius pretends, and memories remain as imperfect as love itself. Thanks go to [ profile] faith_girl222 for the beta. Shout out to all my fellow R/S lovers. Y'all influence, coerce, and manipulate me into writing p0rn. I love you all. So very much.
Feedback: Better than chicken soup for the soul. Heal me. *Dabs eyes with tissue*


They both sit at the edge of Remus’s bed, a cramped bit of furniture, each carefully sitting far enough to give the other just the right amount of space. It is uncomfortable to sit there for too long; someone would have to be rather smashed to declare the mattress 'cozy' or fondly remark on the vaguely colorless sheets neatly tucked into it.

Since Sirius has arrived, there has been much said and little explained. It is as if they could fool themselves into believing this is a reprieve, but such things do not exist, and they have come to that conclusion separately, but altogether quite painfully.

Remus strips off his shirt first and watches Sirius’s eyes follow him as he fully undresses. When Sirius begins to take off his clothing, Remus barely recognizes the body and knows instantly why.

It was a point of divergence. )
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Fucking Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius (Sirius/Other, Remus/Other)
Summary: Loving (and fucking) Sirius Black in several easy steps.
Author's Notes: Because Sirius IS that much of an asshole. And Remus isn't innocent either. Um, inspired by JKR's view on Sirius, on musings with fellow lovers of Sirius Black, Proud and Insufferable Asshole, and my own crazy mind. So then, dark. Yay.
Warnings: Slash, sexual content (heh, couldn't tell from the title?), language, violence
Feedback: Is not wholly made of cheese, bunnies, and tree bark. So I've come to learn and so my broken blender sadly remains a testament to. But if you (yes, you) were to leave some, I'd probably be all fucking happy and shit. I joke because I like to curse.


He doesn't like to be claimed, to be overpowered, to let the balance sway in any favor save his own. Those are the first three lessons.
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Boo to stupid fic. I'm stuck halfway during a sex scene and I can't write myself out of it. And heh, I don't think Remus or Sirius appreciate being stuck in medias res, as it were.

Per request in the comments of yesterday's post, I shall henceforth post my five eeeevil drabbles killing off Lupin. And it even bummed me out.

Maybe it'll jog something in my mind and I can finish up where the skin has forgotten you.

Five Ways to Kill Remus J. Lupin
Rating: R-ish
Spoilers: Fair game for all books, but clearly this is AU stuff
Author's Notes: I really don't want Remus Lupin to die. And these are the ways he won't. Not exactly a proper drabble project, but what the hell.


It happens in seconds. In no time at all. It takes an age.

Wormtail looks at Harry, pure hatred burning in his face. He moves too quickly and Lupin jumps in front of Harry.

The silver hand strikes out, and Wormtail's eyes are blazing, but widened in fear.

They are so very close to the precipice, the deep crack where Voldemort once stood and, and then it happens -

Lupin lets go. There is screaming. There is silence.

And Lupin takes Wormtail with him and they take forever to fall.

Harry holds out a hand to Sirius and chokes out, "He's gone, Sirius. He's gone."


They don't even bother to send him to Azkaban when it's revealed that the Potters' secret keeper was a werewolf.

The Dementor slides in and the crowd's cheering is cut halfway through as the awful kiss begins.

There is talk of making an example out of the beast, but hours after the kiss is performed, the werewolf dies, eyes closed and arms crossed, as if he died in peace.

Sirius Black nods to Dumbledore, an awful feeling of gratitude evident in his eyes and leaves, bringing the remains of Peter to his poor mother.

Remus hadn't been laughing, only whispering, 'the rat, the rat.'


He tells Lily to run. That's all he can say, all he knows to say and he brandishes his wand, and when Voldemort enters, he doesn't care that this is the end, because he will not let his son and Lily be harmed.

Even when the curse begins, he refuses to believe that he has died without reason.

And then there is the flash of light and he doesn't scream.


Voldemort swears to give werewolves freedom. That is all that matters, years spend locked away from 'normal' wizards, the bitterness of being barred from Hogwarts, that is all that reminds in his mind.

So when he waves the wand in front of Sirius Black, he feels nothing at all, except for the pride of taking out one of Dumbledore's beloved agents.

But the silver dagger plunges in his back, and he wonders what if -

And then darkness pools into his vision and the last thing he sees is Black staring at him with almost pity.


He is old and alone and forgotten.

It's better this way.

His career at Hogwarts was forgettable and his school friends had their own tragedies during the first wave of Voldemort's terror, but he knew to stay out of it, he wouldn't dare risk his secret being revealed.

A shame to hear of that Harry Potter's death, he was supposed to be a remarkable young man, attempting to take on Voldemort all by his lonesome.

As he sits on the last flight out of Britain, the country all but lost to Voldemort and his forces, he doesn't move when the plane starts going down, knowing that at least, he will finally feel something - pain.

Better an ending than nothing.


...well that didn't help at all. Damn you, p0rn!
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Boo to school tomorrow. Boo to spending most of today for cleaning. Boo to blisters because of stupid shoes.

Meh to drabble I am posting now

Joy, in a Misplaced Key
Summary: Hallelujah. It's a miracle.
Spoilers: OotP, hence the cut-tage

He's here )

Hmm. May expand the above into a series of vignettes in either Remus' or Harry's POV. Will probably be fucked up. Yay to that.
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all fall down
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: R
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: "I am trying... / To prevent // the end of the world"
Author's Notes: Daaaaaark. Set during the First War and following Remus until the ending of the First War. Thanks to [ profile] faith_girl222 for the beta and she remains shiny. Summary quoted from Monica Youn's Naglfar.
Feedback: As always, it is more than greatly appreciated, and constantly desired.


You will have to become a hero like the rest of us.

Nothing you can do will disappoint them now.

(Above lines taken from Night Ferry to Naxos 1 and Night Ferry to Naxos 2 by Monica Youn's collection of poetry, Barter.)


It's just a walk in the park.

Setting: Sunset, or rather, the sun is actually setting.

There is nothing figurative about it; it is setting. And the park is alit brightly.


It is burning, violently ablaze only in the way the most sensational reporter of The Daily Prophet could describe (achingly using the most apocalyptic terminology possible, with a breathless tone of hyperbole) and he remembers telling Sirius, it's just a walk in the park, honestly, and everything is falling apart around him.

He puts out a flame catching at the bottom of his robes with a stream of water, but there is no way to stop this, it has spread across the entirety of the park.

There is a thin girl at the other end of the pond, scorched badly, reds and blacks, raw as anything. She thinks she is safe. He wants her to believe for just a while longer.

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El Tango De Sirius:
Starring Remus J. Lupin and Pertaining to a Very Strange Occurrence Wherein There is Dancing And Sirius Black. A Comedy.

Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Summary: "If you bloody shuffle one more time, I'll shuffle you off the mortal coil. Now, let's begin again, and this time, think of the children, think of England, think of not crushing my toes."
Author's Notes: Firstly, thanks go to [ profile] faith_girl222 for the preliminary beta. As for the fic, it's all about the foreplay. And the bantering. That too. The foreplay and the bantering. Oh, and the dancing. So, the bantering and the foreplay and the dancing. There is a story and not just an excuse for sex. *Ahem.* I do know salsa music and tango music are totally different. And that Latin music is not really the correct term to classify all permutations of Caribbean music. Now, let's get to the porn.
Feedback: Makes me write even more p0rn.



"No, no, at this rate, you'll never become a champion ballroom dancer!"

Sitting on his very sore arse, legs awkwardly splayed out in front of him, Remus mutters darkly, "I believe I never said I wanted to be a champion-" he rolls his eyes at the madness, "even I can't play in this mad pretense."

"Aww, Moony, are we a little angry today?" Sirius crosses his arms, faking a sympathetic voice, "Has someone spat in your tea this morning? Well it doesn't matter - because if you don't dance until your very heart falls out of your chest, and beats one last, gasping beat on the bloody ground as you dance and dance till everyone slowly claps and cheers only for you and your fantastic dancing as you then die in a dramatic scene, swearing that you regret nothing, then you'll never win the tin trophy and the children will have their orphanage torn down and do you want that Moony? Do you? Are you a cruel and heartless werewolf, or merely a dance-challenged one?"

There are times when Remus wonders why he is living with Sirius. He never questions why he is sleeping with him, that's perfectly explainable, but why he's living with him and why he's letting Sirius prepare him for James' and Lily's wedding when he would have been perfectly content not to dance, is something he has no answer for.

It is the sex, that's the answer. That and he'd rather not look like a fool.

"It's really a simple move, you just-"

"Well if you didn't prod at my sides every time I take an incorrect step, maybe I'd improve, you bloody mad savage," he seethes, rubbing his aching (and definitely bruised) hip.

"Pain is beauty, Moony," Sirius says cheerfully, resetting the record player. "And beauty is not your dancing, I'm afraid. Are you really a werewolf or just an ogre?"

"A troll. It's been terribly difficult shaving all that hair and tricking you all with my dark secret. Awfully ashamed."

"It's no problem. Certainly explains your dreadful clumsiness. That and that growth spurt." Sirius sighs dramatically, "When you get the hang of it, I'm going to have to let you lead, but of course, that won't happen as you're bloody awful. Now, it's ball-change left or it's your sweet, sweet arse yet again that'll suffer your weight, I'm afraid."

He says this as though he's regretful, but there's a far too cheery glint in his eyes.

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The Future is Ours
Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In it, they are young.
Timeline: Set before PoA


In it, they are young. They look ahead because they do not see insidious smoke rising out of the ground, a skull with a snake twinning through the emptiness. There are no limits in it save the very corners and they do not see them. No borders are known and there is a sense of freedom, the sharp fear and wonder of it all is so clear in their bright faces.

His hair is mused and he is smiling and it is hesitant, almost forced, but not in his eyes. He has a scar still healing across his face and he knows it pulls and tenses with every movement, so his smile is controlled and even.

And then his arm swings over Remus' shoulders, a brilliant smile not yellowed in madness. His eyebrows waggle, but he is so handsome, so damned perfect that it doesn't look ridiculous and strained, and Remus sighs a little as his smile fades, pushing strands of loose hair out of his eyes.

There is a grey hair, nearly invisible and the first of many.

Sirius looks at Remus as though he is about to say something, and it was then that the camera flashed, he knows it. A whirl and flash of light and neither he or Sirius had anything to say, beyond quiet promises of what lay ahead.

He waits. He is always waiting. And then, the move apart, just enough, and Sirius turns to face him, the real him, as though to protest.

But he can't make a sound and as the picture is torn in half, Sirius stays to his side and Remus to his. It is as if they had never been shot together and though Sirius frowns as if to ask where Remus is, he soon returns to mugging. If Remus had ever smiled, it is not apparent in the steady, calm gaze of his younger self.

Remus considers giving it to Hagrid for his collection for the child (Harry), an image of Sirius when he was young. When he hadn't - but damn it all - he had betrayed them all and why?

Sirius is almost immortal here.

He takes out his wand slowly, tapping it against the image of Sirius’ younger self, and murmurs, “incendio.”

The End.
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spark of memory infinite
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Timeline: Set after PoA, Movieverse
Summary: There is still screaming left.
Author's Notes: I didn't intend for this to take me so long to complete nor did I even expect it to turn out how it did. I can only hope it doesn't suck and offer sweet, sweet lovin' to those that feedback. Or something.


He keeps his eyes open and records the darkness, the passage of time, for he can keep it now. He is almost without fear that it will disappear: taken, mutilated, forever corrupted, not unlike a mobius strip of repetitions until time itself stops and there is nothing left but the darkness and the dread of eternity.

It is not that the Dementors take away your memories. It is an easy mistake to make; after all, there are few sane wizards to tell the tale of what truly happens.

He is sure he does not say this out loud. Because the sound of his voice has been raked over and splintered by endless screams and his inner monologue, that is almost clear, almost seems like a someone he used to be. A shadow in the darkness.

If he even remembers himself.

The Dementors burn and twist the memories instead. It is as if there are flames licking at the corners of moving photographs and magically preserved voices become scratched and twisted, and echo a long, long way off. Eventually the garbled voices all speak the same words over and over again until there is nothing but repetition and it is an everlasting noise that will never cease.

And he screams at them to shut up shut up until he too joins the madness.

The colors fade grey and are swallowed by browns, in dirt and blood, until all is lost into nothingness, ebbing into the darkness with the false hope that a mere *lumos* will bring them back.

Read more... )
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I don't think I'll ever become addicted to Queer as Folk. It just doesn't quite stay with me.

My god, boykissing is boring me. I may have to be set on fire for I am clearly a dead, dead corpse a la zombified.

And I haven't written anything today because work stole my soul and gahhh, I am a TWENTY-ONE year old receptionist and not a fucking paralegal, so WHY am I expected to know how to basically write up a fucking motion?

Grr I say and brainssssss.

Actually, I did write something. I'm a liar. On fire. And a, on flambee?

...there is a world
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: OotP
Author's Notes: Feedback encourages me to write naughty, naughty things.


There is a world where they are so bloody happy it makes his teeth ache, squeaking like he's bitten into too many pieces of ice mice. When he kisses Remus, he doesn't taste sugar because nothing is that saccharine and it is a mercy.

When he takes Remus' long, tapered fingers into his own, they are old and there is grey, but there are laugh lines drawn into both their faces.


There is a world where they destroyed each other from the inside and when it came time to choose secret keeper, they were so empty that James and Lily went only to Dumbledore. In that world, the rat died long ago. In that world, Sirius turns back to human form while the moon is still vibrant in the sky.

And as his throat is torn apart, he knows he will not die and Remus stumbles in his bloody grasp, perhaps knowing what doom awaits.


There is a world that would be perfect if they remembered that they once loved each other.


There is a world where everything has happened and he bears no record of it. No scars or tattoos, or hair too grey for his age. There are no eyes washed out because of nights spent keeping memories from ripping him apart till the very whites of his eyes turned dark with the nightmares.

In that world, he is dead and he cannot go back. His fingers reach out to the colorless wisps, like the softest of fabrics, an invisible barrier expertly sewn together and he screams and screams into the silence.

And Remus stares at him and sees nothing and there is another world where it is not so.


There is another world where it is not so.

He doesn't believe that world exists.

The End



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