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Yesterday, there was tea (you weren't invited, oops), splendid people (they only tolerated my presence), and today I had pancakes and sausages for breakfast (Team Breakfast forever) while [ profile] ignited also had the same breakfast while we were not hanging out which means we are even more mentally linked so why aren't we ruling the world?

Oh. It's because we're slackers, isn't it?

(No, it's because we're training to fight zombies on the mooooooon. Fuck yeah.)


It's nice to be reminded that I have a total fucking thing for suspenders. God. Damn.

Especially when they're hanging around the waist. Ngggh. My heart's located in my pants, right? (What is this feeling I'm feeling?)

I'm supposed to be writing other stuff but okay, like, here are a couple of drabble/sentence fics I wrote this weekend over at [ profile] kurt_blaine's Holiday Rush Fic Fest

Silent Hill Jokes? Is That Silent Hill Jokes?
For [ profile] rionaleonhart's prompt: Kurt/Blaine in Silent Hill.

Radio? Hmm. What's going on with that radio? )


Tell Me, Where is Sir Blaine For I Much Desire to Speak to Him
Prompt by [ profile] lextempus: Kurt/Blaine Crossover with Lord of the Rings

They're taking the hobbits to-- )


But maybe you'd rather sing about acute boys
Prompt by [ profile] naderegen: Blaine helping Kurt out with his math/science/whatever homework.

We're not going to sing about sexy hypotenuses anymore )
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From my poll yesterday, the answer to When I appreciate an actor/actress in One of My Favorite Things, I hunt down obscure old movies/shows. Which actor have I NOT done this for? is...

Ben Browder.

God knows I love him and John Crichton is my ultimate boo but Ben's past filmography makes me sad in the face. I have seen his 5 second appearance in in Memphis Belle but that was due to my love of the Memphis Belle story; Ben was purely an accident. I got to walk around in the Memphis Belle when I was a kid. *_*

I still need to write 2 more drabbles (Kirk/Spock & Godric/Eric). Likely I shall be writing them while traveling home, listening to the I Am American (And So Can You) CD my office manager gave me. Life is good.

But the two drabbles I wrote yesterday include Chad Michael Murray. Pray for me.

This is the Greatest Drabble About a Pimp Medallion That Has Ever Included Chad Michael Murray
Starring Alexander Skarsgard and Chad Michael Murray
Word Count: 440

I see that you are wearing my medallion. You must know this. )

Ring a ding dong. Heh. Dong. Get it?
Pairing: Misha/Chad
Word Count: 154

Sometimes I think you use me for your twits. )

And now for my amusement of the day, I bring you a youtube video of yet another reason why Alexander Skarsgard is better than you. It involves hideous 70's pornstache, possible guyliner, a white suit, ASkars rubbing oil(cream?) on his chest (!), singing, and me trying desperately not to giggle.

Alexander Skarsgard has lived a very Swedish life.
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Five Lies Godric Regrets
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom True Blood
Pairing: Godric/Eric
Spoilers: True Blood S2 I Will Rise Up
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, Sexual Content
Summary: He made Eric in his own image.
Word Count: 500
Author’s Notes: A series of 100 drabbles done in the five things style. Writing about vampires after being away from them for so long is kind of weird. FYI, Godric is allegedly over 2,000 years old.


He promises eternal life the way a mother coddles her child. )
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Writing a proper drabble is HARD. My life is full of pain. Pity me. And read this if you'd like!

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Lederhosen
Fandom: Farscape
Summary: The time where John loses his clothes and replacing said clothes is trickier than you might think.

John is fine with pulling an Animal House )

And because an explanation is necessary, this is totally inspired by watching John Quixote last night. I do believe that this picture says it all )
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I shouldn't be allowed to have a red pen. Because when I start handwriting notes on the Big Bang story that needs to end OH MY GOD I can't reread them and oh god. So many things to switch around. Me and [ profile] ignited did hit 20K but there's still so much to write. I mean. It'll get done. It kind of has to be done. But I am so freaking picky. (There is a reason why only Stef can handle cowriting with it.)

Blah. There will be a month of rewriting. And oh, how it will be desperately needed.

spun sugar (a cotton candy drabble)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 399
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] tvm's The Accidental Schmoop Meme and originally posted here.


Give a man cotton candy and Sam can't be held accountable for his actions when the man in question is Dean. There's sugar at the edge of Dean's mouth and Sam can't help stare. Because he wants to remove it for um, reasonable reasons, honest. It's a perfectly reasonable desire.

The whole wanting to lick it off Dean's face is another matter entirely.

Sam doesn't make a move, instead he stumbles, says, "You've got some-"

"Hey, corn husking competition," Dean says, pointing over to a roped off section, hay barrels plunked down as makeshift seating, baskets of ripe corn at the ready. "Do you think we missed out on the jugglers?"


Dean waves in the general direction towards the end of the Midway. "There's supposed to be jugglers. Some of 'em throw knives. We could totally kick ass at that."

"Juggling?" But all Sam's thinking about is Dean's mouth and it isn't helping when Dean sucks the tips of his fingers, one at a time, tasting errant sticky leftovers of cotton candy (it had been blue which makes it much more manly).

"Nah, we'd rock a shooting game. I'll win you a big stuffed teddy bear. Big enough so you'll always have someone in your bed. Seen you cuddling your pillow at night."

"Hilarious. But what if I win you one that's even bigger?"

No answer. Dean stares at Sam for too long a time, a full body scan, and then he licks his lips, tongue pushing out at the corner of his mouth to get at the little sugar crystals still sticking there.

"Ferris wheel," he finally says, cocking his head in the direction of the flashing lights of the wheel. "We should do that."

"Why would I want to go, Dean?" They'll be too close up there. Too close and Sam will hesitate again, will ignore what's been building because he doesn't know how to make it happen and sustain it.

Fortunately Sam's been given a Dean and Dean's more than willing to resolve the problem.

"Dude, we can totally make out. I'll let you go to the second and everything. So long as you win me an awesome stuffed shark."

Dean's mouth isn't as sweet as Sam expects but Dean's hand under Sam's jeans, that's another story. Sam's never been as happy to get stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel for twenty minutes.

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Neat default icon challenge being hosted by [ profile] mcee. Go here to post your own.

For my own records, my own little drabble. 100 words exact.

this is not about Alice. )
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Five Names John Didn't Give to His Son (And One Name He Did)
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Post PK-Wars


5. Heepbralikrxx.

John tries to say it and Aeryn doesn't quite laugh, but there's a brilliant smile there. "I doubt our child would want to be known as missing his genitals."

4. Talyn.

Not after her father. After Moya's Talyn. Honoring a sacrifice and giving Aeryn another shot at protecting a child. Neither of them suggest it outloud.

3. Bruce Wayne.

"I've heard it before," Aeryn says to him. "It's a strong name."

"Look, we're not calling our son Bruce Wayne. I don't care if Batman is a scientist."

2. Clark Kent.

No child should have to be stuck with that iconic name. Nor Kal-El. There are no Supermen here.

1. Jack.

No legacy. There are shadows enough that will be passed on. John thinks his son must stand up on his own. He will always be a Crichton, but his own kind of Critchton.

0. D'Argo.

Little D.

John starts calling him D'Artagnan when he gets too big for Little D. He explains the Three Muskeeteers to Aeryn.

"But this D'Artagnan was not one of the three, then?"

"No," John says, "he was the young upstart. He's the one that'll carry on and do things right."

Aeryn nods, understanding.

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Title: Clowns on a Plane
Author: Regala Electra
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post "Everybody Loves a Clown"
Word Count: 373
Author's Notes: Winchester brotherly banter. Written for the [ profile] win_non_con Movie Prompts Challenge. My prompt was "Killer Klowns from Outer Space."


It's a competition and it's one that Sam doesn't appreciate. )
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Fic: Songs I've Sung (I've Missed a Few)
Spoilers: Post-Doomsday
Summary: She keeps on forgetting.
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: A double-shot drabble before I sleep.


Read more... )
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Getting myself back into writing. Writing this right now, forgive any clunky errors.

Fandom: HP
Pairing: Remus/Sirius


The thing's not without its merits. Of course, the merits would be the repeated themes. That the sky's always full of so many fucking stars, the classical allusions to the most heroic of myths (the ones with the worst endings of course, you can't forget that), and yes, finally, the most delicious thing of all, the fleeting hope that just because there was a space, a pause, a mere breath of time to feel, to know, and to fucking life, that it makes the thing worth it.

Here's the thing, though. It isn't. Not worth it, not heroic, not tragic, not even worthy as a footnote to an endnote.

Look, no magical words were spoken, their communication degraded long before jokes about magical words and cliches were all the rage. There was not 'I love you' or dignified admissions of true love, and there was, and this is indeed the real tragedy, there was no fleeting, comforting sex to make the lie all the better.

The thing is not important really, in the short run, in the span of life it takes to think on it, to remember, and to collect all these experiences and convert them to faulty memory, at a very sharp decline, considering the value's gone down significantly.

Better to trade all your hopes and dreams and get a dash of salt tossed over some stranger's shoulder, for all the good it'll do you.

Fuck the world if there's some set of guidelines in how to work it out and there indeed be millions of realities, a slew of infinite universes, and enough 'what ifs' to keep a person from ever daring to slink into that cowardly realm of slumber, than there's no reason to do anything about what was lost.

Because, the thing is, it was lost, at the very beginning, and not the end, of the story. It was lost before the heroes stepped onto the page in dead words, in dead ink, on dead paper.

So what if he had no grand last words and never had the chance for that great, stirring moment, when everyone would gasp in shock, because yes, that is a real moment, in a fantasy sham of a life - that is almost worth something.

The thing - the story - is not without its merit.

But that will never make it a true story.

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black loved each other deeply, lost each other greatly, managed to survive despite the horrors, and their story was a tragedy - as all good stories must end.

the fucking end, as always.
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Boo to stupid fic. I'm stuck halfway during a sex scene and I can't write myself out of it. And heh, I don't think Remus or Sirius appreciate being stuck in medias res, as it were.

Per request in the comments of yesterday's post, I shall henceforth post my five eeeevil drabbles killing off Lupin. And it even bummed me out.

Maybe it'll jog something in my mind and I can finish up where the skin has forgotten you.

Five Ways to Kill Remus J. Lupin
Rating: R-ish
Spoilers: Fair game for all books, but clearly this is AU stuff
Author's Notes: I really don't want Remus Lupin to die. And these are the ways he won't. Not exactly a proper drabble project, but what the hell.


It happens in seconds. In no time at all. It takes an age.

Wormtail looks at Harry, pure hatred burning in his face. He moves too quickly and Lupin jumps in front of Harry.

The silver hand strikes out, and Wormtail's eyes are blazing, but widened in fear.

They are so very close to the precipice, the deep crack where Voldemort once stood and, and then it happens -

Lupin lets go. There is screaming. There is silence.

And Lupin takes Wormtail with him and they take forever to fall.

Harry holds out a hand to Sirius and chokes out, "He's gone, Sirius. He's gone."


They don't even bother to send him to Azkaban when it's revealed that the Potters' secret keeper was a werewolf.

The Dementor slides in and the crowd's cheering is cut halfway through as the awful kiss begins.

There is talk of making an example out of the beast, but hours after the kiss is performed, the werewolf dies, eyes closed and arms crossed, as if he died in peace.

Sirius Black nods to Dumbledore, an awful feeling of gratitude evident in his eyes and leaves, bringing the remains of Peter to his poor mother.

Remus hadn't been laughing, only whispering, 'the rat, the rat.'


He tells Lily to run. That's all he can say, all he knows to say and he brandishes his wand, and when Voldemort enters, he doesn't care that this is the end, because he will not let his son and Lily be harmed.

Even when the curse begins, he refuses to believe that he has died without reason.

And then there is the flash of light and he doesn't scream.


Voldemort swears to give werewolves freedom. That is all that matters, years spend locked away from 'normal' wizards, the bitterness of being barred from Hogwarts, that is all that reminds in his mind.

So when he waves the wand in front of Sirius Black, he feels nothing at all, except for the pride of taking out one of Dumbledore's beloved agents.

But the silver dagger plunges in his back, and he wonders what if -

And then darkness pools into his vision and the last thing he sees is Black staring at him with almost pity.


He is old and alone and forgotten.

It's better this way.

His career at Hogwarts was forgettable and his school friends had their own tragedies during the first wave of Voldemort's terror, but he knew to stay out of it, he wouldn't dare risk his secret being revealed.

A shame to hear of that Harry Potter's death, he was supposed to be a remarkable young man, attempting to take on Voldemort all by his lonesome.

As he sits on the last flight out of Britain, the country all but lost to Voldemort and his forces, he doesn't move when the plane starts going down, knowing that at least, he will finally feel something - pain.

Better an ending than nothing.


...well that didn't help at all. Damn you, p0rn!
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Boo to school tomorrow. Boo to spending most of today for cleaning. Boo to blisters because of stupid shoes.

Meh to drabble I am posting now

Joy, in a Misplaced Key
Summary: Hallelujah. It's a miracle.
Spoilers: OotP, hence the cut-tage

He's here )

Hmm. May expand the above into a series of vignettes in either Remus' or Harry's POV. Will probably be fucked up. Yay to that.
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The Future is Ours
Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In it, they are young.
Timeline: Set before PoA


In it, they are young. They look ahead because they do not see insidious smoke rising out of the ground, a skull with a snake twinning through the emptiness. There are no limits in it save the very corners and they do not see them. No borders are known and there is a sense of freedom, the sharp fear and wonder of it all is so clear in their bright faces.

His hair is mused and he is smiling and it is hesitant, almost forced, but not in his eyes. He has a scar still healing across his face and he knows it pulls and tenses with every movement, so his smile is controlled and even.

And then his arm swings over Remus' shoulders, a brilliant smile not yellowed in madness. His eyebrows waggle, but he is so handsome, so damned perfect that it doesn't look ridiculous and strained, and Remus sighs a little as his smile fades, pushing strands of loose hair out of his eyes.

There is a grey hair, nearly invisible and the first of many.

Sirius looks at Remus as though he is about to say something, and it was then that the camera flashed, he knows it. A whirl and flash of light and neither he or Sirius had anything to say, beyond quiet promises of what lay ahead.

He waits. He is always waiting. And then, the move apart, just enough, and Sirius turns to face him, the real him, as though to protest.

But he can't make a sound and as the picture is torn in half, Sirius stays to his side and Remus to his. It is as if they had never been shot together and though Sirius frowns as if to ask where Remus is, he soon returns to mugging. If Remus had ever smiled, it is not apparent in the steady, calm gaze of his younger self.

Remus considers giving it to Hagrid for his collection for the child (Harry), an image of Sirius when he was young. When he hadn't - but damn it all - he had betrayed them all and why?

Sirius is almost immortal here.

He takes out his wand slowly, tapping it against the image of Sirius’ younger self, and murmurs, “incendio.”

The End.


Aug. 9th, 2004 10:17 pm
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Firstly, happy birthday [ profile] stars91

Nextly, I am having fic-induced trauma. Or drama. Some kind of an ama.

Also, I am angry for my cable box isn't working. Grrrr. I wants more channels that I need. I wants it nowwwww! But I still have regular cable, so yes, will be watching The Daily Show, cuz the pimp daddy himself is on with Jon tonight. Yup. Billy Clinton, yo.

Okay, I have a mad, mad idea. I'm going to write five drabbles in this post. Right now. Whatever happens stays in this post. Feedback if you like, hate, or want to come after me with pitchforks.

No seriously, if you want to poke me with pitchforks give me a heads up. I'm not that fast of a runner, though I do a decent sprint.

the flesh reflects the madness within
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: R


It's like nails on a chalkboard. Only the nails are long and shredded because he's stopped biting them off and the chalkboard is starved flesh, white and black with dirt. And no chalk scrapes down his flesh as blood rises out of too deep cuts because if he keeps it up, it'll be permanent.

Magic drains here, They make sure of it, but he mutters words and the blood magic works all the same, older and more powerful than anything, anything but-

He doesn't look at their hoods. He knows what waits there.

His flesh is a recording of revenge.


too good at playing bad
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Pairing: Faith/Wes
Rating: NC-17


text )


lies come back to haunt you
Fandom: AtS/BtVS
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Rating: PG13


Read more... )


are you the female of your species
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: R


Read more... )


worship you in chocolate
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: NC 17


Read more... )

The End of the Line, Kiddos.

Okay, so some of them weren’t proper drabbles. And weren’t proper fics at all. But there was porn!

Now I feel all accomplished. So it shall be my mood.
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For [ profile] coppersinger

All is Calm

It is not salvation. Instead, it is the fall of a snowflake on her face. It melts slowly.

It doesn’t melt on Angel's face, so she brushes her fingers across his cheek and smiles as cool water droplets cling to her fingers.

She looks up into the sky and it is not black. It is not just another night and though she has not won this battle, it different this time.

It is a reprieve.

And so, Buffy takes his hand and they make their descent down the hill, snowfall marking their path, and for a moment, all is silent.
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For [ profile] fb2wendy's request.

There is a dream that you have before you die of colors and tu historia and las memorias are without the pain.

Without the deadly crash, the piercing of the metal bar into your body and the trolley - all around you there are screams and inside, your body fails you and crumbles and you still hold on-

para la memorias, siempre, no?

Where is your Diego? No, tu amor is awash in color and you close your eyes and your body grows wings and they break. They shatter.

Now you rest forever, and without the pain, you know nothing.


Anyone can make a request for me to write a drabble to one of my icons.
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For [ profile] stars91

When the sword slashed into her face, nearly severing her lips apart, she still managed to kill the demon. Her Watcher didn't commend her, only chided her for her shoddy fighting while she waited, a mess of blood covering her face and shirt.

She managed to heal without going to the hospital. The scar didn't fade away. She wasn't sure if she hated it. Her Watcher told her it was character-building. Days later, she waited too long and watched his neck snap effortlessly. She staked the vamp in thanks.

This is her life.

She cannot believe in a better world.
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5 Double Shot Drabbles
(200 word stories)
Rating: R
Spoilers: A:tS "Shells" and BtVS S7 finale "Chosen"
Pairings: (by order of appearance) Wesley/Illyria, Buffy/Faith, Lilah/Wesley, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Wesley
Summary: The other side of love. An offshoot of my "Five Drabbles Outlining Perfect Happiness." Of course, there's a twist.
Warnings: Het, Slash, Sexual Content, Violence
Feedback: Por favor.
Author's Notes: Hah, see what happens is that I set myself up to do other fics (the poor neglected babies) and then a plotbunny clobbers me on the head and it just comes out. Oddly enough, a Buffy/Angel/Spike was planned but it has spun out of control and will end up being its own fic. (you are free to squee, [ profile] netweight) Oh, and these are all exactly 200 words long.


after the fall

Read more... )


happy birthday wishes

Read more... )


waiting in contemplation

Read more... )


struggling for redemption

Read more... )


the balancing act

Read more... )
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Which means those Gods will be plenty happy.

And yes, I know that I'm freakin' crazy. I was born crazy.

Saturday Night Live Skit/PotC Crossover

"So this lass Mango musta been real fine on the eyes for you to give her half yer wealth, eh?"

"...Aye, yes...*she* be different from most... I can get this one meself..."

The beautiful, attractive, not at all vain, Mango strode out onstage, and seeing the near empty room, exclaimed, "What the frick is dis???!!!!"

"Arrr, Mango, it be..."

"Stinky pirate-man," Mango said, slapping his glittery gold pants square on the ass, "I said last time you cannot have of de Mango!"

(If the pirate weren’t so entranced by Mango, he would have noticed the swelling music.)

"Can you sail across a field of dreams? Can you paint the sky in glitter? NO! Such is Mango."

"Actually Mango...I do love ye, but those coins?"

"Ah! You take it all, for you cannot have of de Mango, smelly pirate!"

Edited to Add:

The Curse is lifted! Huzzah! What an incredible ride. So many fantastic drabbles written! So many crossovers! Man, but that was a brilliant challenge.
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Last time I checked the count was 605. *Mind boggles*

Three more:

Follow the Money

A whore is spared - she spent the coin on jewelry.

The shopkeeper spent it for a carved washing stand with a shining basin.

That shopkeeper paid off a tavern debt.

The tavern owner took pity on a widow and her brood and she told him she'd pray for him. He'd never realize his salvation.

She bought bread and other foodstuffs and still she lost three young ones when disease wrecked the island.

The merchant kept it. He loved gold and if his health hadn't ended his days at sea, he'd have died a pirate.

Instead a pirate ends his life over an obsession for treasure.


The O.C./PotC Crossover, Or, Seth Meets a Pirate

"I'll be takin' that coin, mate."

Seth stares at the scowling pirate, in confusion. "Is it Halloween already? And why are you staring at my Pirates of the Caribbean one-of-a-kind replica cursed coin?"

Menacingly waving his sword, the pirate snarls, "That'd be mine, mate."

"Mate? Dude, who says 'mate' anymore? Fine, whatever," he tosses the coin away, waving his hand in a dismissal. "I'll thank you not to break anything on your way out."

Managing to look angry and puzzled, the pirate leaves, and just when Seth gets back to his comic book, Ryan enters his room.

"Um, Seth? Was that just a pirate?"

"A cursed pirate," he admonishes, nodding his head wisely.


Anatomy of a Corset

Her bodice is tight. Her breasts ride high and proud, powdered death-white like her face and neck.

The corset is a delight for men to see, an illusion. They grab and maul; she only smiles.

They look at the tight pressed line between her breasts and wonder what secrets lay there.

Lies do.

Her clever, lithe fingers empty their pockets and when she drops fine chains and jewels beneath the corset, their eyes feast on her flesh.

One coin calls beyond the illusion. Her bodice no longer bounds her flesh and her lifeless body is splayed across a street. Her broken fingers are bloody.

She doesn't keep her last stolen treasure.


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