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So basically I have spent every day watching Regional Holiday Music because when Community rips on Glee it is the most beautiful thing ever.

This morning I had Baby Boomer Santa and Annie's song (is it called Tell Me How To Understand Christmas or what?) stuck in my head and I was on my best behavior not to sing out loud boop de boop SEX or how Santa smoked a lot of acid. Good thing I'm fighting off a cold so talking in general is a bad idea.

All the songs were so, so good man. And they really did have better consistency, callbacks to canon events, and just awesome characterization. The Dean's disappointed "Oh, Britta's in this?" was amazing.


You guys, I think I'm ready for regionals.

and then two of my favorite glee castmembers tweeted about the episode today and everything was even better.

Other things: I think people who grew up enjoying The Muppets should go see the latest movie. I went for a second time with my sister Johnny and my mom, as they hadn't seen it yet. Had such a good time and it was a great followup from our November Disney trip, since IMHO, the Muppets 3D movie at Hollywood Studios is still one of the best 3D movies out there and it's over ten years old (if not fifteen).

Ooh, my not-so-secret love affair with Once Upon a Time continues!

So, Graham is dead for realsies? Huh. Well, congrats to the show for Going There, sucks because holy shit, did his "actual" fairy tale life suck beyond the telling, and he never got a real chance to have a non-spellbound good life.

This episode made me want more backstory on Snow White. What the hell kind of secret did she betray?

I'm wondering if they're going to tie in Rumplestilskin's original story with Regina's, making her the poor miller's daughter of yore, and that she was involved in the great baby swaps and maybe DID actually give up a baby or something. Hmm. Oh, well, gotta wait until JANUARY to find out what happens next.
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