Dec. 20th, 2011

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Obviously you know I have a tumblr where I post glee stuff on the regular in the hope of making you guys not hate me because I can't shut up about glee things. (It is also not spoiler-free but pretty safe at the moment, still, tread lightly.)

Anyways, I don't know if you've gathered but I'm a touch sarcastic and prone to making jokes, especially at the expense of my fannishness. I mock the things I love most of all. So today Darren Criss did a one minute spot on the Today Show and Tumblr had photos and video up ASAP. He even tweeted about it and I saw a screencape of his tweet come across my dashboard several times this morning.

One photo that came up? Was posted by The Today Show's official tumblr with a hilarious tag and "oh, hello beautiful." I responded to my friend's reblog with the following, inspired by wise words that Jesse Tyler Ferguson once said in regards to Darren Criss: ahahahaha OMG. Everyone turns into a besotted teenager with a Trapper Keeper full of doodles of “Mrs. Darren Criss” apparently.

Lols were had, I went on to do other things, and then I see THIS on my dash: NEWSWEEK freakin' joins in on the fun:

Today Show responds to the back and forth comments (PUTTING MY COMMENTS ON THEIR TUMBLR WTF):
We’re just doing what you’re already thinking.

Media tumblrs: WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!

Okay, so, pretty hilarious and sort of fourth wall breakage/is this real life (WHAT IS MY LIFE) reaction from me. FIne.

Wait, we're not done yet. I see on my dash that BILLBOARD has reblogged one of my posts. (it only shows up when someone reblogs directly from you, so they went to me and not via someone else.) You see, that tweet Darren made? It was screencapped and going around Tumblr. Another of my friends had reblogged it after the Today Show/Newsweek reblogs about how the media's fangirling over Darren and because I'm an ass I wrote up a response to it. A very sarcastic response and joked about Billboard's fangirl crush as well.


Naturally I responded back to them because I am polite and considerate.

This has been my day. Quite dignified. I shall conclude it with dinner and a movie. The odds of me running into a celebrity in Chelsea are pretty high at this point considering the above and how I am clearly fated for the most WTF of days, hope I don't make any dick jokes in their presence.


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