Dec. 14th, 2011

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So yesterday was the low point of being sick and I was pretty sure i was going to be voiceless by the time I met up with [ profile] fourfreedoms for dinner. However I was able to talk (though I did bring post-its as a hilarious backup plan). Instead I nearly screwed up everything by forgetting to print the tickets to see The National and by going to the wrong restaurant.

Yeah, I'm smooth. But it was all sorted out, delicious mint tea was had, a visit to Kinkos happened and we made our way to the Beacon Theatre. I really wish I had felt 100% as my energy levels dropped hard once they took to the stage but I really did enjoy myself. The seats were awesome and the opener was great even if her banter was a bit awkward.

Then I made my way home, cold meds depleted and [ profile] memphis86 convinced me to watch Glee's Christmas episode before I went to bed.

Two things before I dive under the cut with rambling thoughts: a) I have the internet on my phone so I knew Tumblr fandom was in a tizzy about a scene being cut out of the ep and b) Community's episode Regional Holiday Music is the best Glee Christmas episode OF ALL TIME.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas aka that Time We Learned Blaine Has Roleplay Fantasies about Santa Fucking Him, No Really, Listen to the Lyrics )


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