Sep. 19th, 2011

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Weekend was so busy. Sooo busy. Rewind to Thursday: Met Grand Tour was awesome. I will continue to go for as long as I am friends with people who can get me a ticket. :D

I had a very dear reunion with some lovely ladies this weekend: [ profile] nariya (to celebrate some very good news), [ profile] jennem, [ profile] alleynyc, and I'm saving the best for last: [ profile] all_shine_on. I am sorry that I continue to be a dick who teases you about your native land. I can't help it; I'm a terrible person.

[ profile] jennem is a dirty hooker and since she's never on lj she won't see this message.

Ah, this weekend flew by even though the N train fucked me up so much when trying to make it into Manhattan. Damn, we did so much. So much. I don't think my legs will forgive me until possibly tomorrow. Then I remember how I'm spending tomorrow taking my mom out to dinner and I have to walk through the nightmare that is Penn Station during rush hour. Ha ha, I'm going to die.

The next weekend that I have set with "do nothing and stare at walls" is the weekend of October 15th.


Well. At least I'm socializing and trying not to think too hard about how I just spent a weekend with people who have known me for over ten fucking years. We met through the internet, you guys. I mean. Sumer camp. Totally summer camp.

My lie was that I met them through college but they moved away after a semester. 100% totally legit.


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