Sep. 15th, 2011

regala_electra: (dexter bananas by raelala)
Tonight I am touring a metropolitan museum of art with some awesome ladies. Then I will try to sleep in the museum overnight in the hopes that I can talk to Egyptian ghosts. Just like that Sesame Street movie.

Do I bring an umbrella with me or not? The ultimate dilemma.

In other news, my weekend dance card is full and yet I am trying to write 500 words every day to get back in the habit of properly finishing things. I sort of want to round out a series with a trilogy ending and from then on, finish up all the damn prompts I do want to write, along with whatever I'm inspired to do on my own.

I'm over 3,500 words on this current fic (sort of titleless at the moment, gotta figure that one out too) and I hope I can get to 7K before I start editing the sucker.

But tonight: art. And possibly dancing with ghosts. We'll see.


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