Aug. 26th, 2011

regala_electra: (metallicar road to ruin by mithborien)
Weekend plans are a bust unless "stay indoors forever" was my original plan. What's that? There was a show I was going to see on Sunday? Yeah, that's not happening. MTA is being shut down at 12pm tomorrow. No way out, no way in, pray that no zombies will find this out.

I wasn't able to leave the office until a bit before 3pm to hit up Trader Joe's which was delightfully trainwrecky. Ran into [ profile] shighola while trying to get some milk, heh. As I was living a Darren Criss life (broken fridge), I have seriously NADA. When I got out of the store, there was a line just to get in. And bottled water? Yeah, there was nothing on the shelves.

So: tonight, I will make dinner for ALL THE LEFTOVERS. Tomorrow, french toast because my version is delicious even when cold. I'll have a bag of ice in case power gets knocked out so some items can stay cold for a bit.

My apartment isn't located in one of the evacuation zones so hopefully this will be all talk and no worries. But. Y'know. Better to have shit I need than nothing, y'know?


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