Aug. 23rd, 2011

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A bit on my office building:

It was formerly a factory building most likely, due to the area I'm located in (south of Midtown) and the district I work in, and therefore, it's definitely a prewar and solidly built. Sometimes when there's a nasty, windy storm a-brewing, we can feel the building move just a touch, the intentional sway that says, this is a well designed building. The floor shakes just a bit when the dancers on a floor two floors under us are in the middle of a pounding regime.

So. At first, I was like, fuckin' musical theater kids...but that usually lasts a couple of seconds and then I started getting unsettled and oh hey, that's an earthquake.

Right. That happened. Prefer a hurricane, to be honest.

FYI pretty sure I'd be fucked if we experienced an earthquake close to NYC since this was a Virginia born baby. Yikes.


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