Aug. 15th, 2011

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If you have to do concerts back to back, go see Foster the People/Cut Copy (I am ignoring the opening act) and Winter Gloves/The Naked and Famous. Still &hearts:_♥ about it.

Saturday: sloth and whatnot. Then all the laundry. All of it.

Sunday: okay. So.

Most fucked up train fuckery I've ever had to deal with when I needed to get somewhere at a specific time. I was meeting up with [ profile] shighola to see Glee Live 3D: We'll Get Your Money One Way or Another, and I got to the station with what I thought would be enough time to get there should the trains run slow.

Ha. 45 minutes later, a train finally rolled on by after 11:10am. The movie's start time is 11:30am. I figured I was fucked but hey, I went to the damn concert so I could miss a bit of the beginning. Somehow, despite getting there after the movie supposedly started, I came in while the trailers were still rolling. Huh.

The movie. Mmm. Okay, so that director? No.

I liked getting to see the faces of everyone performing. Chris Colfer is hilarious since he's always doing something in the background. While I had the incredible luck to partner up with some awesome folks and wind up in floor seating at Nassau Coliseum next to the smaller second stage, which means yes, I did see the Singles Ladies dance like, 15 feet away (and it is not included in the movie FYI), any of the songs done on the larger stage weren't that clear and I'd have to rely on the big jumbo screens to watch them perform.

further discussion on shoddy editing and some awesome performances )

After the movie, still damp from the rain, we met up with [ profile] fourfreedoms for lunch and hung out being awesome. Be jealous. It's okay.

Perhaps I will someday talk about True Blood. I'm sort of waiting out the season finale at this point. It's like they took everything I loved and smashed it to bits and then put cheesy music over it for the final nut punch.

But Alexander Skarsgard has a truly compelling ass.


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