Aug. 13th, 2011

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The things wot I have done this week:

Missed [ profile] caithream. She has awesome photos up of her trip here. Yes there is a Sega system (16 bit!) in a glass case at the Museum of the Moving Image. I played Sonic for a bit while I was there. Wish I could remember the immortality cheat code. Live forever, jump on all the things.

The Jim Henson exhibit was cool too, I guess.

Thursday, I saw Foster the People and Cut Copy at Prospect Park. Beautiful day, amazing concert, and one of the greatest nights ever.

Friday: Naked and the Famous. I liked their opener Winter Gloves well enough too. But Naked and the Famous were amazing and we were the right in front of the stage. Ugh. So good. Could barely hear once we got out but I thought it was worth it. Will see if any of my photos from my camera came out okay. Damn, that is one pretty band.

Today: sloth. I didn't realize my heel was banged up until I was on the subway home last night but owwwwww.

Tomorrow: matinee of Glee Live: The Cash Grab 3D experience with [ profile] shighola. Perhaps lunch.

I'm doing these things, yeah, but idk if people care what I'm doing. /o\ I am so boring.


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