Jun. 16th, 2011

regala_electra: (buffy in the desert by quiet_rebel)
Marti Noxon will be a writer for S3 of Glee. I know I've got a mix of Buffy fans on my flist so for the record?

S5-S7 = NO me gusta.

(I did like some episodes in S5 and S6. But. You know, the major storylines? Had huge issues with 'em.)

Er. Happy things. I survived Darren Criss's concert at Irving Plaza and will one day be a functional human being.

Tomorrow I head home and hug my dog forever. Saturday: Glee Live. I have a floor seat ticket. Excite.

Tomorrow, I have to make myself write. Can I crack 6K? I'm already over 5K so sources say yes.

(I am going to laugh at the first person who calls me sexist for not liking Noxon's writing. So fucking hard. Yes, please try to pull that one on me.)


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