Jun. 2nd, 2011

regala_electra: (dean pencap by kornpeep)
I have had two iced teas today. This totally explains why my eye is twitching. 99 cent iced teas are DANGEROUS y'all. Plus the old organic market next to my workplace is now a fancy tea joint and oh my god, their pom iced tea is DELIGHTFUL.

Tonight: tapas and Electric Six. I'm really excited, if only because i don't have to take the terrifying murderer's row stop near the Bell House. R train, for once, you're my only hope.

I need to figure out how to interact with you guys on lj. I feel like talking about the stuff that has me really energized is just not what you guys are interested in hearing. Ugh. I'm tired of apologizing, I guess.

Really I would just like to be constantly awesome and fascinating.

Maybe I should just watch more TV. The only show I'm currently keeping up with is Game of Thrones. And honestly, I need something less fluffy, it's like, big group hug every scene. Come on, guys. Where's the drama?


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