May. 20th, 2011

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LJ, I love you but will you respect me in the morning if I write yet another fic about boys who crossdress and the other boys who love them?

What's that? You never respected me? Oh.

Well this is awkward.

Let's just get this poll over with you and don't worry about calling me. I'll call you.

[Poll #1743280]

Not gonna lie, I'm super excited about the new Star Tours ride (it's Star Wars weekend in Disney World so they opened it today). I won't be going to Disney until November and yet I'm plotting and a-planning because I'm THAT person. also Darren Criss might be voicing one of the characters on the new ride, what, you can't judge me because this in strkethrough therefore whatever I say here is protected. Balls.

What are your weekend plans my beloved flist?


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