Apr. 25th, 2011

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Today is a day reserved for the celebration of drag queens and all I want from RuPaul is for Alexis to lose. Rooting for Raja, would also be happy for Manila. There shall be dining in my humble apartment and perhaps enjoyment of music. Why isn't it 5pm already?

Weekend at the family homestead was okay, though awkward, details for another time, maybe never. I got home a lot earlier than I thought I would, so I rested up, napped as I'd only gotten a good four hours of sleep the night before, and then noticed that Charlene Kaye, a musician and friend to a certain Darren Criss (aka that guy from Glee that I've been trying not to talk too much on lj about because I don't want to annoy you guys) had tweeted that she was playing a show. Oh and Darren might attend.

Did he attend? He did. Did I speak to him? I did. Did I post a funny interaction I had with him on tumblr and have it explode all over? Indeedy so.

My original post on the how Darren assured us he wasn't in favor of cockblocking is here.

That awkward moment you find yourself on tumblr dancing like a fool.

[livejournal.com profile] fourfreedom clarifies how Darren came to say cockbuilding. Then read her ll post about it to know that Darren is very sincere about not cockblocking.

My favorite photo because Darren has a faaaaace and Charlene is flawless.

My recap of favorite moments last night with moar photos.

Now excuse me, I believe I've shot my wad.

There are so many macros and gifs incorporating the word cockbuilding. So many.

Was there ever a time that I was respectable?

Cock. Building.

My life. He has summed it up.


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