Apr. 1st, 2011

regala_electra: (cmm advises you on bitchery by ignited)
Here I was thinking today would be an annoying day while people went wild with lame April Fool pranks. Instead, there is an awesome trailer for a fake series, Aurors, which I need more than air, some fantastic fake products on Think Geek, and you should google helevetica only at your own peril.

I give you a poll to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Remember, when you answer, I love you just a bit more and there are only right answers and you will probably not pick the right ones. So. Do it.

[Poll #1725632]

Or Darren tells you how he kissed the bee that stung Jensen in a fanfic Misha wrote while he was sleeping with Jude Law in New York while they all discovered their own Hamlets.

We need to go deeper.


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