Mar. 31st, 2011

regala_electra: (kurt/blaine kiss by green_queen)
Welp. It only took over 3,500 words but I finished my latest fic. It will need a beta and edit so that it's not completely terrible, but I have touched the finish line. It felt like victory.

I started this fic in like, December. Kill me.

Actually I had to cut out a section (which turned into an actual fic in its own rights) since it was no longer canon-compliant and that was a weird and wonderful moment. "Duh, Kurt and Blaine kissing is CANON, you don't have to invent their first kiss anymore." How awesome is that?

It's always fun to bounce around in writing canon compliant pairings versus ones that only exist in subtext. IDK how awesome my characterizations are, I'm so obsessed with writing in character, but I hope at least whatever I'm writing is entertaining at least. The latest story has a couple of kinks to work out in the tone department, I want it to be slightly humorous but still sexy, which is always a weird balance.

I am rambling, sorry. I'm kind of excited. Now the hard work begins.


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