Mar. 30th, 2011

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I learned last night that there are tons of episodes of No Reservations available on Netflix. So if I disappear, that's the cause. I made [ profile] memphis86 suffer through the Puerto Rico episode, which is extra near and dear to my heart since Bourdain visits my family's hometown. ♥

Also the gorgeous shots of delicious pork. Poooooooooork.

Lulz, I got a Cuban sandwich at a Dominican place for lunch. I guess I was inspired.

Writing is hard, you guys. I wrote a whole 100 words before my brain sputtered. I swear to god, once upon a time, the sex scenes were the easy bits. Maybe that's a lie and they were always difficult but I could at least write the orgasm without taking over 2K to get there. Someone make my brian work.

Tempted to sign up for a 15K fic challenge. It would be a "Reg Writes about Kurt Hummel in New York City Because It Hurts Her When People Fuck Up What It's Really Like to Live in NYC" story and involve Kurt having a Puerto Rican drag queen roommate because that's how ideas are born or something. I just want to write a romantic reunion scene between Kurt and Blaine where Blaine surprises Kurt by coming in unannounced and Kurt's halfway covered in the base stages of drag makeup as a favor to his roommate who is trying to work on lighter skin tones.

Look, it's really funny when I picture it.

Now that I've spoken about it maybe it will stop bothering me and I can finish my current fic on my to-do list and edit it into coherency. But not tonight.


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