Mar. 11th, 2011

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I'm not particularly fabulous when it comes to heartfelt statements, I use lj as a cross between fannish glee and indulgent neurotic worries (and then I apologize for those posts because sheesh, I don't have a quarter of the worries most people do in their day to day lives). But the situation in Japan being what it is and my feeble attempts at using lj as an outlet, all I can say is what my betters have already stated: donate, participate, and support.

I think Red Cross is the current go-to place for donations. [ profile] help_japan is in the works, it appears.


Originally I came here to post about the released Glee songs for the upcoming episode. Better to leave that for another time.


I might have to restructure my eating habits. :-/ Today I wasn't feeling well enough to have breakfast and after having a relatively okay lunch, my stomach is the land of ick, population: ugh. I know what I have to do - cut out a lot of bread, which I SHOULD be doing, but the problem is that I've been having anxiety lately and bread is the one thing that doesn't upset my stomach.

And it's not like, I'm OD-ing on bread. It's just too much sandwiches and simple stuff like that. No more cereals, no more bagels in the morning, no more [insert bread-like items here]. Fuck, I'm going to have severely limited options for breakfast. Eating salad for lunch every day I can live with, but breakfast is a killer for me, I know I need it or my energy for the day will be shot. Stupid, stupid body. Maybe just a smaller portion of breads/carbss for breakfast and more rounded meals for lunch/dinner.


Let's go somewhere happier. All I knew I never wanted was a Community fanvid set to the Scissor Sisters song "I Don't Feel Like Dancing."

Oh yeah, Troy Barnes, the adorable Troy Solider who could, won Fandom March Madness.

Troy: Here's a question I always wanted to ask the real Batman: am I handsome?
Abed: [Batman voice] You're a very handsome young man.
Troy: I knew it.

But did he know he was a winner? Of course Troy "T-Bone" Barnes did. Because the first letter of name starts with a "T." It starts. With a "T."
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Sriracha and the Benefit of a Warm Compress
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: R
Spoilers: S2, Sexy
Warnings: Language, Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,780
Summary: A life of awkward starts and stops is par for the course.
Author's Notes: Originally this was going to be a few "day in the life" moments, happy hurt/comfort and all that jazz. Then Kurt started looking at certain pamphlets. One day, I will re-kindle my porn-fu but for today, here's Kurt working on finding his groove.

Typing into Google: 'help me, my fantasies about my really attractive friend are spiraling out of control now that I’m over-educating myself on things I’m not really all that prepared for, plus, how do I know whether or not I have a gag reflex?' seems a waste of time. )


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