Mar. 4th, 2011

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Today, I am taking a jaunt back to the home land, by which I mean, my home which is on an island. I will hug my dog for ten years' worth since it has been a month since I've last seen him. Tempted to pick up some seafood from a local fishmonger and cook up scallops or something. I've got a craving.

Oh, and it'll be nice to see my family. Yeah.

I've got a poll but first, I need to credit everyone from yesterday for their great responses to picking Chad's new middle name. My particular favorites have been put on the poll so that the internet will decide Chad's new middle name.


[Poll #1713573]

Perhaps I have gotten rage issues with how many people mistreat NYC in fic. I'm sure it's just a usual fandom thing - people writing about stuff they don't know and not having the time to really Do the Research - but it's just been killing me lately how little people seem to get New York at all.

I'll keep it real simple. Write it vague if your only notion of New York is from TV & movies. No really. It'll save us time.

Please consider the general aspects of your characters. Income/wealth, background (moving to NY straight out of college/to go to college), their likes (want a busy nightlife vs. more homebody), and basically, THINK. Think before you write.

Apologies to anyone who graduated from or is currently going to NYU - and I'll fully admit I applied to NYU when all I wanted more than anything was to be in NYC for my college years (I was a commuter student instead because...MONEY, duh) - but it is not the pinnacle of New York's education system. No. Really. Like all colleges, they are great in some areas and shit in others. Consider your majors. If a character is an artist, there are other schools in New York that are far better for him or her to go to. If your character is going to be a lawyer, OMG send that child to Columbia, no really, I know upper Manhattan is Mysterious for so many, but GODDAMN, stop shuffling everyone off to NYU.

Also, little secret? The everyday NYer, walking on the street? Usually thinks most NYU students are kinda annoying and Ruin Many Things. You don't get NY street cred for going to NYU. Just saying.

Subways = USE them. The MTA maps are helpful. Stop putting everyone in fucking taxis. No. Also, NYers are a walking people.

If you do use the subway in your story, don't make up shit. If you don't know if a stop is elevated or underground, don't mention it.

Have questions? Ask a NYer. Really. We don't bite. Toss out your question to the internet. "Is having dinner at the Olive Garden in Times Square romantic?"

After the first ten sarcastic responses, someone will gently lead you by the hand and explain, "Oh honey. Just say they're having a cozy dinner at some unspecified place on 9th Avenue."

"And then cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery?"

"Maybe if I ever so gently knock your head against a wall, you'll finally understand the pain you're putting me through."

This has been a Rant by Reg. I love you all.


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