Feb. 18th, 2011

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SO. Hi. How are you this fine Friday, my sexy flist? I forgot I had a three day weekend. That is awesome. Tomorrow I am celebrating [livejournal.com profile] ignited's birthday by annoying her softly. She might come over tonight where I will play Darren Criss songs until she strangles me. Softly.

I made you a poll. I hope you answer it.

[Poll #1706614]

I realize I have really not been watching that much TV. Huh. I think I've given up on watching The Office, I watch SPN when the mood strikes me and like, I am mostly watching sitcoms, reality TV and Glee. I should be ashamed about watching Glee and yet I am addicted. So excited for Tuesday's episode, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ALL THE FEELINGS I AM FEELING.

Fuck it, I declare an all day all night gif party. Imma kick it off under the cut. Come hit me with your best gif. I want all of it. ALL OF IT.

one two three four I declare a gif war )


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