Jan. 27th, 2011

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Tonight I finished a fic, sent it off for the final beta & edit, SO THERE, universe. Or something.

I'm too buzzed to fall asleep. This is a problem. Without further ado, a list of random things about me that some of you might know and some of you will know hate to know about me.

- I can do fabulous diva-esque fingersnaps only with my left hand. It looks like I'm making a bizarre finger puppet when I try snapping with my right hand.

- I didn't figure out how to snap my fingers until I was in my early twenties. I can't snap my fingers the "right" way.

- I used to be able to whistle pretty well when I was a kid but lost the ability after my braces came off. Braces! They fix your teeth and also ruin your whistling capabilities.

- My mom trained me and my sisters to hear her (very specific) whistle. It still works. It doesn't weird me out.

- Only on pain of like, my eyes falling out, am I willing to leave the house without mascara. So basically during my dry eye/cornea inflammation experience last October, and that was only for doctor visits. Hey. I'm kind of vain.

- I don't wear jeans and try as I might, I don't like wearing skirts. I've got a lot of leg and I still improperly for skirts. I will wear a skirt or dress for a fancy occasion. Or karaoke.

- Despite both my sisters being musically talented (my youngest sister is actually insanely good), I cannot play a single instrument. I want to learn piano or play the oboe but I worried it would cost too much for my parents. God I was a weird (not-so-little) kid. Now I think I'm too old to learn how to play any of that stuff.

- Everyone told my parents I'd be a basketball player (school, not like professionally, heh) due to my height. I sure showed them. I made it to like, one day of tryouts for J.V. volleyball before I realized that no, I very much suck at sports.

- I used to be a really good swimmer. I'm fine now but I was awesome when I was a kid. I regret never taking it up for serious when I had the chance. But then I'd have to not wear mascara. Sacrifices.

- High school drama club effectively shredded any chance of me wanting to do anything with acting (even for fun). I was the tallest person usually so I'd never have a shot at the lead female role since I'd tower over everyone. I'd get like wacky one-scene roles. Where I'd have to pratfall on risers. With my legs open so I'd be flashing the audience. >:-[ I wasn't annoyed about that, though. It was the bruises I got on my arms when one of my fellow actors lifted me back up after the fainting "spell".

- In real life, musical theater actors scare me to death. Sure, they're fine on stage but the thing is, even off stage, like, in the elevator while you're trying to get to work, say, they're still on. *shudders* One day I know I'll get stuck on an elevator and they'll start to sing. My screams, they will never cease.


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