Jan. 20th, 2011

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Today has been A Day. Let's not talk about the MTA deciding that no, one does not need trains to get to one's job. Got into work at after 10:30am this morning. Left late, too late to even be up for eating dinner by the time i got home. Like a boss.

My stomach hurts now. I will ignore it as it's too late to try to fix that.

UM. Let me say that I am going to lie down until I make my mind stop thinking about how I want to talk about how I'm actually okay with a "slow-burn" type of relationship so long as it's not shoddily written because I have a ridiculous "Glee's Kurt/Blaine makes me feel like how I did back when Farscape's John/Aeryn were slowly getting together and it makes me FEEL FEELINGS and did I mention how I totally printed out the first SPOILERY image of J/A kissing in the S2 finale because OMG SQUEE FATED TO BE lol j/k John was possessed at the time and then he'll kill her, sorry but that was over ten years ago OH MY GOD I'M OLD why do I feel these things all over again?"

If Kurt isn't possessed by a neural clone of his enemy then clearly, Glee sucks at everything. Also there should be CGI spacecraft fights. On a musical comedy. Yep.

Speaking of things that are awesome, Community!

Spoilers for Asian Population Studies )


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