Jan. 12th, 2011

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I was planning on making a self-indulgent post (WHAT? ON LIVEJOURNAL? GET IN MY FUCKING CAR.) but I decided against it.

Do know, dear readers, that I have figured out to make risotto. If I loved rice, this would be a dangerous prospect. Instead it's an "awesomely tasty meal I will make for friends when I feel like it" discovery.

Also, also, also, I went out last night with [livejournal.com profile] fourfreedoms, which was totally fucking awesome of her since the place we went to was DEAD and the music only sort of decent. But the Freelance Whales dj set had a Spanish song and I am so fucking easy because that made me quite happy.

Before you go "lol NYC snowstorm tho" may I point out: the subway was running and if I can't make bad decisions why I am still in my twenties? (welp only got a couple more years left for me to say that.)

I got to DANCE and omg I've missed doing that. So much.

Now onto the important matter, a matter of such great national importance that I am polling the electorate:

Are you, or have you ever been, for beards?

(As in the whiskers upon a person's face, not the other kind of beards, fffffs.)

[Poll #1667313]

Defend your position.

This Project Rungay post about beards got me in a beard-frenzy. While 1800s style beards or any beard that's like, crazy-huge does admittedly not yank my crank, I have...an affection for a well-groomed beard on a hot guy.

Especially when the beards are like... surprisingly hot. AKA Jensen Ackles and his OMG WHAT Viking!Red Beard of My Continued Amazement.

or Darren Criss's LOL I Don't Have to Work This Week Beard.

In conclusion, bees.

I mean, beards. Dammit.


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